RM Bags Dwindling?

  1. I was wondering if it seems to anyone else like there are very few RM bags left out there. I just discovered RM in Dec. But when I first started looking there were bags in every color to be found and now it is impossible to find some colors. Is it because she is getting so popular or is that always the way it goes when it gets closer to a new line. Are we just waiting for the spring line and then it will be bags galor again? I hope!:yes:
  2. I think she just produces a limited number of bags and once those sell out, the only place you can get them is on the seconday market, e.g. eBay.
  3. I see this happening online; makes some sense because they'd placed their orders for last season's bags long before RM bags became so in-demand. They had no idea the bags would literally explode in popularity!
    I'm actually going to check out some of the local brick/mortar stores listed on the website to see what they have in stock.
  4. I noticed this too, but its just like Balenciaga... when they come out with a X amount of bags an colors and once they are gone... they move on to the next season of colors. :smile:
  5. Yep......get 'em while you can ladies....otherwise it's game OVER!!!
  6. Yes, I've noticed the disappearance recently of many Nikki bags available online (at least in colors I like). Now if I want another one I feel like I need to go to eBay. I'm hoping I like the new Nikki style for spring so I'll have other options.
  7. I didn't know there was going to be a new Nikki, citychris. Or are you referring to the Plan B?
  8. Yes, the Nikki will be back for spring, based on what we've been told. Rebecca herself posted here a while back about the Nikki, saying that since it was so popular - she was going to bring it back.

    Back to the topic at hand - yes, the older styles are definitely dwindling. It's getting to the point that for many styles and/or colors - the only way to get one is on eBay, in many cases pre-owned. The popularity of RM doesn't seem to be fading anytime soon either.
  9. Which begs the question - at which point will early fans of RM decide that it's become too mainstream a brand and look to other indie designers?
  10. I really hope that she becomes well known but that her stuff doesn't go too mainstream. I absolutely HATE it when everybody else has the same bag as me. I have these two friends that insist on copying everything I do, the way I dress, the bags I carry, the things I eat... its obnoxious. Being one of the crowd is good sometimes but there is a limit.
  11. If the brand gets better known that's one thing, but as long as she still limits the number of bags produced in a certain style or color and doesn't start mass producing we won't have to worry about seeing the same bag everywhere.
  12. I really hope they don't become massed produced!
  13. It's really hard to say what will happen, especially since Rebecca has said that she will be re-venturing back into clothing soon as well.
  14. me too! i love being the only girl in the crowd with the great bag on her arm & everyone stares at it & wonders what it is!
  15. I think it's just because we're waiting for the new spring line... most retailers have the pre-spring stuff out while the fall sale is going on the Dec, but I think since RM just boomed it's hard to get the bags out so quickly with the sudden high demand... I got word that pre-spring should be out and up on RM site by next week and actually spring... spring... won't be out till later... not sure when later but later