RM bags, are all glazed leathers stiff?

  1. I remember reading on a post that the glazed colored RM bags are stiff? Do they soften up with use or do they stay stiff? I'd prefer the softer smooth leathers but I'm finding a lot of the glazed leathers, like the espresso, on sale. Any help would be great, thanks!
  2. I have the glazed espresso and it is pretty stiff. It does soften with use, but I doubt it'll ever get to be smooshy!
  3. I have the MAM in glazed espresso and don't think it's that stiff at all. Stiff to me was the elephant leather...I sat on mine and don't think it even dented! The glazed leather is definitely not as soft and slouchy as some of my other RM bags, but I wouldn't really put it in the stiff category either.

    One a slightly side note, the espresso is a beautiful color and is really enhanced by the glaze over the leather - I'd recommend this color to almost anyone!
  4. My Dark gray is not stiff. It slouches beautifully :love:
  5. I've been carrying my Matinee in Glazed Expresso since Christmas and I don't think it's stiff. However, it isn't a smooth leather like some of the others. I have the MA in Eggplant - that leather is stiff!
  6. Every bag may be different too. I have the MAM in eggplant and it's no where near stiff!
  7. Have a matinee in glazed espresso and it's not what I would call stiff -- a bit sturdier than my Emerald MA's softer leather. The glazed espresso leather doesn't smoosh, if that is what you are asking? Hope that helps...