RM at Saks Off 5th

  1. Great spy pics!
  2. I love spy pics!
  3. Good spywork! I want to see Black Cat in real life!
  4. you rock! love the spy pics!
  5. Did you see any MAMs scoobiesmomma?

  6. ^^Only a Fawn and Cream? MAM.
  7. Awesome.. Nice pics... I Know a bunch of girls are looking for the black cat/pink MAM/MAB at a good discount..
    Thanks for the info!
  8. ^Thanks Scoobiesmomma.
  9. Yes, thanks for posting! I love spy pictures! I hope someone finds the deal they were looking for on some of these. All the neon piping ones are so pretty!
  10. :flowers: Your welcome ladies! I thought they had a pretty good selection considering and the prices seem good too! I really wish they had more MAM's, but I guess it's a good thing they didn't as I would have been forced to buy one!;) As it is I bought the Peacock Nikki and I had no intention as I am not a Nikki girl, but the leather was just too gorgy to pass up and so soft and squishy that it didn't seem as big to me as past Nikki's I have owned! I even overlooked the signature hardware (that I am not a fan of) for this color!:nuts:
  11. Thank you sooo much for posting! I scored a Black Cat MAB for $301 before taxes and shipping. What a steal!
  12. :woohoo:YAY Tonij2000!!!! So glad someone got one of those beauties... You will love it! The leather irl is just amazing!
  13. ^ Yayyy awesome toni, the leather on that bag is TDF!

    Peacock is a gorgeoussss lambskin scoobies, congrats! I had the MAM for a minute but decided on mint instead at the time. It was divine though!
  14. Oy...those pictures are freakin' fantastic!!!!! Congrats on your Peacock Nikki scoobiesmomma!!! :yahoo:
  15. Thanks for the pics! I looove the dove gray one. Might need it...."need" :smile: