Rivington PM

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  1. I am looking at this style obviously preowned. Does this style look dated? I keep going back and forth on this. Here is a ss off a google search.

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  2. I think it looks nice! My opinion is buy and wear what you love ❤️. I buy older and newer bags to carry. I don’t really think of them as looking dated. The nice thing about older bags is where I’m at I hardly see anyone carrying the older bags.
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  3. Someone commented that the handles are too long to place in the crook of your arm and too short to put around your shoulder.
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  4. This is really nice! I remember when these came out. The SA called it a speedy with long handles so you could put it on your shoulder. Classic style, get it!
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  5. I honestly think it looks dated
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  6. [emoji176] it
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  7. I like it. Who cares what others think.
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  8. Thank y'all for the replies! I think I am going to hold out until something else comes along.
  9. Just reading this. I think you're smart to "hold out'. I actually bought the Rivington when it came out. I tried to love it, but I didn't. The straps would fall off of my shoulder, If wearing on your shoulder the bag jutted out so your arm felt awkward away from your body, it was hard to get in and out of, etc..... I try to not have bag buying regrets ever, but this was the #1 regret.