Rivets Bag

  1. I am considering the rivets bag in black leather. Does anyone have it and is it worth the price?
  2. I have this bag in the mono and I LOVE it! Probably one of my favorite bags! I have seen the leather one at the boutique and they're BEAUTIFUL, I would say definitely worth the money. Have you thought about the mono one?

    Let us know what you decide! =)
  3. I looked at all three, the mono, black and ecru. I love the mono, but I liked the unstructuredness (not sure if that's a word) of the leather.
  4. I too have the Mono, and right now it is by far my favorite. I keep going back to it every other day!
  5. gorgeous piece. saw it at the store and couldn't stop touching it. i believe it's in the $3300 range? i probably need someone else's confirm on the price though but i vaguely remember it being that.
  6. I prfer the lambskin in Ecru, this is a stunning bag!
  7. I don't own it but I think it is a gorgeous bag. If you can swing it I think it it worth it.
  8. I don't have one but I love it in mono.
  9. i don't have one, but i prefer your pick (black) and its stunning! mischa barton has been carrying it all over recently!
  10. Yes! $3300 is correct. I tried in on in the boutique, and it was a gorgeous bag! I really wanted it but couldn't justify the $3300 price tag. It's really beautiful tho. You should def. get it!:yes:
  11. how much was the mono one?
  12. I like the Ecru and think it's definitely worth the price.

    The Monogram Canvas Riveting bag currently retails for $1,950 USD if I'm not mistaken.
  13. I love this bag too but could not justify the price.
  14. I love this bag in either color. The leather is gorgeous.
  15. I think it's worth it! I so pretty!