Rivets Bag/Monogram or Lambskin?

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  1. I keep going back to this bag, either in the monogram or the lambskin. I cannot decide which one or if I should even buy it!! Any thoughts??
  2. I like the look of lambskin. I think it's super soft.

    You can try it before decide.

    Good luck!!
  3. If I ever got rich I would love the lambskin in black. It is sooo beautiful!!!
  4. I'd say, Monogram. White gets dirty quickly and black ends up looking like just another black bag after a while.
  5. Lambskin
  6. I love them both, but I would definitely get the lambskin over the canvas.
  7. lambskin! so soft!
  8. another vote for lambskin!!!
  9. Mono, but I think it is completely sold out. I saw one in my local boutique, didn't grab it and when I called the next day it was sold! Called 866 and they say it is completely sold out.
  10. i used to have a lambskin bag,....before it was stolen from someone's car!! YES, someone broke INTO the car and stole it! The dirty thief took the bag and nothing else...not food, not money, not the portable dvd player...JUST THE BAG!...I was devastated! <---sorry to threadcrap!

    Anyway, I say LAMBSKIN over monogram any day. Nothing beats the feel of lambskin
  11. Mono!
  12. lambskin! so soft!

  13. Mono or black lambskin...white gets too dirty and you have to worry about denim transfer.
  14. i'm not crazy about the lambskin because it's just really...I don't know something about it i think may bore me after a little while..I Love my Mono one its really beautiful but i just feel yea the lambskin is soft but at the end of the day it is just another black bag & The white one would be dirty in seconds ! I love the Mono so i say Mono if you can but it is TOTALLY up to personal taste. Good luck :yes:
  15. well i say mono, cos i have one and love it!!!