Riveting prices?

  1. Do you think the Mono Riveting prices on eBay will go any higher? Should I hold on to mine a little longer to get more for it? Mine is practically brand new. Opinions?
  2. Quite frankly it is a gamble on eBay. It really depends on your feedback how high the bag will go... Why would you want to sell it? It is a gorgeous bag!
  3. honestly I don't think so. i haven't seen one actualy sell for more than retail
  4. I gave mine away for $1725.00 on eBay, my opinion is to put it away & wait on it.
  5. I have noticed these bags are not really selling. ebay sellers are asking a lot and most just don't sell.
  6. I've seen the same thing. You either have to keep it or be willing to take a loss. Ebay is really slow these days and full of scammers!
  7. Don't think they are actually selling that well from what a MPRS seller told me. Def not selling for at or above retail.