Riveting = get it or don't ?

  1. Hey all

    I saw the Monogram Riveting today and almost died! :drool:

    I absolutely LOVE it.. the problem is that I don't have the money BUT my new cc is coming in this week.

    Another problem, my mom and BF.

    I owe $550 on one cc already and I know if I get the Riveting my mom will SCREAM and I'm scared :wondering haha I know. I can pay the bill fast so I dunno why she would be so mad!

    BUT I WANT IT SO BAD! I didn't really like it in pictures or anything, but now that I saw it IRL, I just HAVE to have it!

    Please help! What should I do?

    Get it or not?​
  2. Of course so! :smile:

    Honestly... if you're this in love with, it's only going to get worse. The resells are like $3k.
  3. Mind you, I'm very financially irresponsible, so I do not want to be held responsible for any debt or anything, but here's my $.02:
    If you love it and you *know* you can afford to pay back to your cc company, get it! If you don't get it now and start to regret 6 months from now, you might have to get it off eBay and then it might be more expensive and you may risk getting fakes etc etc. So if I was in your shoes, I'd get it:smile:
  4. I didn't care for it in pics too but IRL, it's much more interesting. Pics are just so two dimensional. But I would say, if you owe money on your cc, don't get it. I am a firm believer in paying off your debts. Obviously, you wouldn't be able to enjoy it if you get yelled at.. just imo.
  5. hehe me too :yes:
  6. If you love the bag and can afford to pay it off, I'd say go for it. I wouldnt suggest putting yourself into debt you can't get out of easily though for a bag! JMHO
    I do like the looks of the riveting bag, very cute!
  7. If you love it, can pay it off quickly before they charge you interest then get it.;)
  8. btw, does your parents need to know? if you have a credit card, they have nothing to do with the bills unless they pay them (which would be another story).
  9. Get it! It will be impossible to find soon enough.

    And hey, you can always sell it if you have to :graucho:
  10. Yes... see that's the ONLY bill I have to pay. I don't pay for phone, insurance.. ANYTHING! I can pay $200-$250 on my credit card PER WEEK so I really want it, but my mom just thinks it's a waste of money and I hate to see her like that b/c she grew up VERY poor and saves her money.
  11. Get it HURRY it's LE!
  12. I still live with them!!! so they check the mail before I can get to it b/c I work late and she'll see that it's a bill and freak and she'll ask to see it!:crybaby:
  13. If it's your card and you're paying for it, they have no right to look at it, and if my parents checked my mail like that, I'd be PO'd.

    edit: didn't read everything. If she sees it's a bill, but not for how much, just say you bought some books or something.

    Anyways, get it! :yahoo: If you can pay $200 on you cc bill per week you aren't risking major debt and it is LE and it will be really expensive getting one from a reseller later:yes:
  14. Go for it if you know you have to have it but only if you know you'll be able to pay it off including the current balance on your CC. Also think about the upcoming bags, is there anything else that you love? If so, then think which one you like more.

    I like the riveting bag... the mono and the ivory lambskin one. But I want to get the epi ivory and the quilted leather bag more...... I wish I have unlimited $$ so I can get the riveting too.
    One of the mono riveting just went for 3500 on ebay.. but it's won by a new ebayer... so we'll see.
  15. haha.. they know it wont be for books b/c both my parents know I'm horrible with spending money... maybe I'll get a P.O. Box tom!! YES.. I'll do it!

    With the reseller... I dunno why, but I don't like used bags with vachetta so I just think Imma get it!!