Rivete bag already on Ebay????

  1. Yah, I saw that too. Interesting.
  2. I saw one of those bags in the Fashion Valley LV, they're kinda ehh..
  3. how did they get it?
  4. I saw one at the Rodeo Store this weekend.
    I liked it more in the pics than in person.

    The base is wide, so it wasn't comfortable wearing over the shoulder and I prefer shoulderbags.
  5. This is what I saw in latest UK Vogue magazine :smile:...so Nice
  6. WOWO its nice
    but not in my budget....
  7. I guess theyre in stores, and someone got it quickly and sold it online.
  8. Not really a fan... :s
  9. I always see stuff on eBay before it comes out...I wish I could have that status! LOL
  10. I know! ahahah but they charge too much for a bag that they can get at retail with a little wait!
  11. Anybody know what the retail is on this piece? Wondering what the markup is??? Seems steep and doesn't have the classic appeal of a LV with that price tag...maybe it's just me...

    Anybody agree?? Disagree, Thoughts???:confused1:
  12. i'd prefer a balenciaga to be honest. not real taken with it. much rather get a motorcycle bag.
  13. It looks exactly like a Marc Jacobs bag from his new punk line. Except it has that LV logo. =(
  14. The white / black are around 3k and mono is 1800... I'm on WL for mono... I really like it. :wlae: