Rivet Veneta Anyone????

  1. Continuing my obsession of all things BV has anyone? anywhere? seen a large or even medium Veneta with the gold grommets lately??? Here is KICKS wonderful photo borrowed from the BV collections library for a reference.

    BTW I have asked BV if they would special order it for me, and I'm waiting to hear from them......but any sightings from you guys would be great.:tup:
    grommet hobo.JPG
  2. syma - there was one listed on eBay recently (about a week or so ago) and there were no bids. perhaps you can try and contact the seller again. i had one of these myself - the leather was great - it was made of deerskin
  3. Hi Syma,

    I missed out buying this bag too. It's gorgeous. I have been keeping my eyes peeled for one. If you can special order would you let me know as I would love one - maybe in parma or quartzo. Can they do any colour you ask for?

  4. Hi Syma, I love that red classic flap of yours and been looking for it for quite some time....any idea if it's still available or where I might find it? Thanks a lot.
  5. Thanks for your help guys I appreciate you keeping your eyes peeled for me.

    VKD , the manager who took my order at BV said they can consider colours that were recently released i.e from SS07, so I asked her to consider Old Petra and Ottone first but that I was flexible on the colour (in case the production team said that they would only do classics??? I will update you on the outcome as soon as I hear from her.

    Trendy 1, Thank you for complimenting my Chanel jumbo flap, Unfortunately this bag was from the SS07 cruise collection and was around in early May. From the Chanel forum I can tell you that it has completely sold out in stores. But I have seen them crop up on eBay from time to time and Chanel may realease another red flap next year. Good luck in your search.
  6. Lovely - thank you Syma.

  7. Ps. Shukran Habiti
  8. Syma, I seem to remember though I can't point you to any source (maybe ioffer.com) that these rivet venetas are on the list of those that are faked (Probably because one of the Olsen twins carried a large green one for a while). Be very careful, I have seen at least one on eBay that I am convinced was a fake.
  9. Definitely better to go the BV boutique route if you can!
  10. Thanks for the heads up Valkyrie 360!