rivet pochette?

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  1. does anyone have this purse? and if so how much did it cost you?
  2. I don't have it, but I believe it's $675 US
  3. I ALMOST got it, but I deciede on the bigger one :smile: I think it was almost $700?
  4. That bag is beautiful- are you going to get it?
  5. I was just in LV Toronto; it's $725 CAD + tax.

    : )
  6. The Riviting Pochette is so cute!!! I seen it yesterday. I loved how it looked. But I didn't buy it. Was so fun though looking at it. It was 725.00 Canadian.
  7. The Riveting Pochette is gorgeous, but it makes me wanna get a Sophie even more. Are they coming out with the Sophie in US anytime soon? :shrugs:
  8. i don't like it
  9. I think its cute!
  10. *Sophie* is sold out in Japan & Hawaii and will not be coming to the US. So they say in the many threads on this subject.
  11. I like the rivet pochette a lot better than the sophie. The sophie just does nothing for me. :shrugs: What is the price difference anyways, anyone know?