rivet missing/broken/fell off

  1. one small bolt that holds the handle together on my city bag fell off.
    store will not send a replacement bolt and i don't want to send the bag to them for repair (they will not give a $ quote until they have the bag).
    first: does anyone know what this little bolt is called?
    and more importantly: any suggested solutions without having to send the bag back to them?
    thanks so much.:heart:
  2. i am sorry t ohear that but i don't think you can fix it without sending the bag back to the store. tell the store to give you the range of the replacement. if it is more than certain amount then you just wouldn't do it. does it make sense to you? good luck!
  3. I agree with, June, you won't be able to put the rivet on yourself without the right tools. I'm sure it won't be very expensive and then your bag will be as good as new again. Which store did you buy from?
  4. AHHHh the rivet fell off my Anthracity GGH City!!! What can I do to fix it it?? I am willing to spend more $$$ but preferably not!! I would appreciate any suggestions. I live in the NYC area..so if anyone knows a place that repairs balenciaga bags please let me know! Thank youuuuuuus
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    if you search here you will find what you need....
  6. what happens if you bought it from eBay??? who do i go to to get it fixed =(
  7. I have the same problem! The bolt came off but it's just a little denim first that I use occasionally so if it's >100 then I don't see the point in getting it fixed. keep us posted!
  8. glad that you understand the problem. i could have local shoe repair guy do the fixing if i could just get the bolt. one would expect such customer service for a $1200 bag?
    someone please send us the bolts!
  9. Help, 2 bolts/rivets are missing from my purple leather Balenciaga bag. I tried Barneys but they directed me to the Balenciaga website - don't see a way to contact them regarding repairs. So where can I obtain these rivets???
  10. this has never happened with another bag. four gals on this page have the same problem with our bbags. let's find out from someone about getting those rivets.
  11. when i got my preloved lilac first, the bolt/rivet fell off after just a couple of use, i took it to the local leather craftsman and all the technicians told me to send it back to the store that makes the bag, it was slightly painful, but i did send it to BALNY and they did a wonderful job to it. The SA i worked with at the time also kept me informed during the 3 weeks it was gone, send it in, so the repair's done correctly, that's more important right?:smile: good luck!
  12. Here in singapore the SA will provide us the riverts but we have to go to a shoe repair shop to get them to fix it into the leather for us...

    riverts are FOC...
  13. Store in singapore gives free replacement bolts/riverts.. But will direct you to the local craftsman; one that they recommend...
  14. catalyst81
    please do tell how to contact them for the replacement bolt.
    is there an email address?
    thank you so much!
  15. susansfe, u can call balenciaga at Hilton Singapore +65 6733 8270.. not sure about email...