Rivet bag in mono

  1. Anyone with one...who can model and show us pics...it is retailing for 2100 CAD and the interior is brown canvas...seems pricey don't ya think...who all is scooping one up before they are gone...loved it when I first saw a pic but, then after hearing the feedback was a tad turn off and unsure of the bag...more people do not like it...I asked my SA what is like IRL and she nice but, it may be a bag that you tire of after a few seasons...whereas the traditional mono canvas iconic bags are standard staples season after season...it was good to get her 2 cents because this bag is a huge investment...waiting patiently for pics from some fashionista on this forum
  2. hi lv pug--kinkylala is getting her mono rivets bag today--you'll see pics soon.
    jill is getting one next week on the 15th. a couple of others are interested i think, but that's all i remember right now. there are a couple of threads about them as well. hths!
  3. thank you mickloisme...I cannot wait to see a pic of it on someone to get a real feel for the bag...my initial impression of the bag was WOW...but, then the price and comments had me reflect a little on the bag...it is more than twice the roxbury another bag that has got my attention...there is no way I can get both and I have 5 mono bags...so maybe I should step away from the mono...the LE pieces always draw me in:cursing:
  4. i think the pomme roxbury suits you better and i agree you should expand your collection from the mono....
  5. The sytle (shape, pockets, handles, and front zipper pocket) is really cute..I would have been all over it, except for the the rivets and stitching, just too busy for me.

    BUt, I think it is going to be very popular, Valley Fair recieved 5, and when they showed it to me last week, all but 1 were already claimed...and now they all are...it is a one shot, and relesed early (yesterday)...so if you are thinking about, jump on it now.
  6. With the disclaimer of get it soon, if you really like it get...I must say, I agree with Mick....roxbury is better!
  7. the roxbury is very different from anything I own and it would be branching off from the mono..the pic with brooke hogan carrying the noisette was stunning and the pomme d'amour must be equally as nice...
  8. I saw the rivets last night after a quick visit to my local boutitque. I really hoped to love it but in real life it was too busy. Its really cute, but for $1950 I thought it was too trendy and busy.

    Also I was disappointed that it does not have longer straps to fit comfy on the shoulder.

    Just my opinion.
  9. I'm supposed to be getting one shipped from the nyc Saks-not sure if they got them in early or not-but I've already had doubts on it so I don't know if I'll be keeping it. I can't wait to see modeling pics, too!
  10. I am getting the pochette, and if my store has them already.... I will get mine today!
  11. Im getting both..Will post pics ASAP for you all to see
  12. thanks everyone I am looking forward to modelling pics to get a real feel for it...when people model the bags in puts it into prespective and I know if it yah or nah....cannot wait