Riverte Pochetter already on eBay?!

  1. I thought retail was 750?
  2. Retail is $675 plus tax. :smile: BIN of $950?!? $30 shipping?!?....both a little ridiculous.
  3. i kinda like this pochette, however, i'd never pay the amount this auction is asking... i don't even want to pay the current retail price, so most likely will not be getting it.
  4. what with the EXTRA large model number bar code card have these changed??
  5. ohhh see it's much cuter than the plain pochette but not for $390 more........that's why I passed on it and told them to reverse my waitlist hold charge yesterday.
  6. It's cute but the price is a bit much for me - whether on eBay or at the store.
  7. It's cute but I love my Sophie just as much!
  8. Too expensive for a pochette...but it does look larger than a regular mono/damier pochette though.
  9. ummm.........i would just wait for it to come out, IMO.......
  10. Very cute, but the price is steep.
  11. :sad: I agree. It's cute, but too much for a pochette...even with rivets.
  12. Too much money for pochette imo! They are still out in stores! Why so much $$$???
  13. It actually just got released today! Too soon to say it's sold out! Buying it over retail price would be premature at this point.
  14. Not liking that bag at any price :s