Riverhead Outlet - Steals!!!

  1. Hey ladies....went to the Riverhead outlet today and let me tell you there were plenty of steals to be had!

    for one, Barney's co-op is having a HUGE sale! 75% of off lots of items.

    I purchased a great pair of Marc Jacobs suede wedge boots for $33 bucks!!

    I got my BF a pair of True Religion Joey's for $25 bucks....
    at Saks they were doing the BOGO 50% off w/out the coupon. I got my BF a pair of Antik denims and there was a table packed full of purses marked down...an Ivory Isabella Fiori for example that i craved....it was marked down to $265, retail was $700!

    anyway, great deals! IHTHS!
  2. Thanks for the info!!!.......i need to get my ass over there then soon
  3. AHHH!
    amazing deals!
  4. Thanks for the heads up! I've gotten good deals at Barney's and forgot about them until now ($37.50 a piece for 2 cashmere wraps). I gotta go back!
  5. Congrats, great deals!! :yes:
  6. OMG I wish I could get my husband to do a road trip tonite. :s