Riverhead NY Outlet, Any Updates?

  1. Thanks!

    The last time I went there was a week day and it was like, 10am. The store wasn't dead like today but it was still fairly empty. I was starting to wonder why they stopped wrapping the bags in tissue paper since they had always done it in the past.

    Let me know you go there anytime soon again. :smile:
  2. Inluvwcoach: Did you go recently? Maybe you should ask next time your at the outlet. Ask Grace if she has any Juliannes in back. She is usually helpful and willing to look in back.
    Good Luck!
  3. I believe that's the one who helped me today!
  4. Worldswirl: I will keep u posted the next time I make a trip out to Riverhead.
  5. Love the Blueberry Poppy Spotlight, Worldswirl! And you got the matching accessories, too :biggrin: And I totally hear you on needing to space out the outlet trips.

    My sister and I have to make a trip back out here (we're about an hour away) to return the tan logo sneakers she bought that were too big. On our last outlet trip she found the sneakers in a size 5, so the size 5.5 are going back.

    lucydee please keep me posted on your next outlet trip, too!
  6. It's like 45-50 minutes away for me. I'm starting to wonder if that's a GOOD thing. :p
  7. Any updates? Anyone find anything good lately?
  8. I did call there yesterday to find out if they have any Madison Carryalls or Maggies and I was told that did have not received any of those bags. Just thought I would pass that along.
  9. I'm probably heading there Friday.. I have a 2 bags to return and my mom wants a Coach bag for Mothers Day. :smile:
  10. Ooh...please keep us posted Worldswirl! Thanks!
  11. Worldswirl Please if you go Friday let us know what you saw that was still available. I keep calling everyday for the Madison Exotic Carryall and they keep telling me they did not get those bags in. Yet when I called today and spoke to Tom he said they will be getting them in. I live about 1 1/2 hours away so I have to call first before I make the trip out to Riverhead to see if its worth the trip.
    Looking for the Carryalls.:biggrin:
  12. I will try and remember everything I see. My mom is being a huge pain in the butt about what type of bag she finds acceptable so finding one she might actually like will zap most of my energy. :nuts:
  13. What a crazy day of Coach Shopping. I got there around 11something and it was kind of busy but then it got REALLY busy and a line formed outside. First time I've ever seen that in Riverhead. Handing out coupons at the door.

    Let me say this..the last time I went there (2 months ago) there were SOME FP deletes. I would say it was 80% MFF. This time? 95% MFF.

    They had a number of Orange Poppy Op Art Glam Sig Totes
    and Powder Blue Spotlights. Both 50% off. I also saw some Poppy wristlets in different areas of the store.

    They were out of the new Watermelon Coin purses. I could only get an Orange one. :sad: I had them check too.

    I ended up getting a Black coated Alex Tote (14264) for $83, a dark blue coin purse for $27, a pink poppy sequin zip clutch for $31.

    Oh for my mom? Yeah she was picky with what she wanted and the only thing that fit her criteria was a Large Black Penelope Shopper. $146. I would never buy that for myself. :smile:

    I went back a few hours later (it was dead at that point..) to see if they put out anything new. Nope.
  14. Thanks Worldswirl! Glad you found some bargains. Too bad there aren't more FP deletes. I haven't had great luck at Riverhead, though I can't complain, I did find my beloved Legacy Ali (with striped lining!) there a couple of years ago at some drastically reduced bargain price.

    PS - I agree, bans don't work for me either.
  15. I was in Riverhead last night around 6:30pm and I agree it was about 95% MFF. I asked a couple of the SA if they had anything special in the back and they said no.