Rive Gauche

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  1. Ms. Rive Gauche is on her way to my house!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: She should be here on Friday.

    I have really upped the anty on my bags with this purchase. This is far and away the most expensive bag I have every bought (well, not that far from my teal balenciaga city or the special order LV Cabas mezzo in Damier) but it feels like it... It IS a CLASSIC and it is the only black bag I own and will be utilitze for work, elegantly escorting my laptop to and from work.... so I guess I can justifiy blowing it all on a bag, even though I probably could have replaced all the bedroom windows in my house for that.

    I feel much better now, thank you for letting me confess my guilt. :P
  2. ^^^Oh good for you! I am SO jealous!!! I've been craving the Rive Gauche in black since I first saw a pic of one this summer. :love: I totally agree that it's elegant and classic and will withstand the test of time. Hope you love your bag! Please post pics when you get it.
  3. Will do! I just offered up a LV sacrifice for this beauty, so I am feeling a little less guilty.
  4. I love that bag! Lucky you! What color did you get?
  5. lucky u!!! i love the rive gauche! can't wait to see pcitures!
  6. Black. I have been looking for a classic black bag. The pictures really don't do this bag justice! The leather is so soft and slouchy. It is not heavy either. I would say it is slighty heavier than my Balenciaga hobo and much lighter and softer than my LV Mezzo.

    I tried one on in Orlando and compared to every other designer bag...Fendi, Gucci, LV, Balenciaga, Chloe, etc... and for the money, this bag is worth every penny!

    (I also can't believe how within the last 2 years, bag prices have gone up at least 10%- that is crazy!!!)

    I'll post pics on Friday, then i have to wrap her back up and put her under the tree!
  7. Wow. That would be tough. :Push: You are a strong woman!
  8. I also posted this in the celeb thread, but thought it could also go here...

    Katie Holmes carrying the Rive Gauche in ostrich - Wow!


    I love that style - short handles and a long strap makes the bag so easy to use!
  9. Ohhhh!!! I am so excited for you! And jealous! I want Katie Holmes bag in Ostrich, but I don't think I can actually find it anywhere!
  10. so disappointed. tried the rive gauche in chocolate (absolutely gorgeous in person) on today in saks... doesn't work on me at all. :s it's too small! but that's fine, the downtown is meant for me...... :love:
  11. So tabby, did you receive your Rive Gauche???
  12. I did. I haven't had a chance to take it out for a test drive yet b/c I have had houseguest all weekend.

    I've got a second now, so I'll snap a few pics. And post in a few minutes.

    I am so torn between wearing it now :devil: or being a good girl and waiting until Christmas :angel: .
  13. Ok, please excuse my appearence, as I have been out in the yard stringing lights.

    I love how many different ways you can wear this bag!! Stuffed or empty, messenger or shoulder. You can hold it in your hand or the crook of your arm. You can wear the shoulder strap long or clip it to the bottom rings and shorten it up a bit. They all look great!!!

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  14. That bag is fabulous! The leather looks so soft! Congrats!
  15. Yeah! I'm so happy you got it. It's fabulous, but we knew it would be, right? (And your doggie seems to like it too.)

    I dunno, it would be pretty hard to wrap that baby back up again...:devil: :devil: :devil: