Rive Gauche sizes?

  1. i've seen a few different sizes in regards to the rive gauche, and i'm wondering if anyone has an "official" list?

    so far i have this:
    medium: 13.75 x 11.75 x 4.5
    large: 13 x 15.5 x 3 (according to Saks.com)
    canvas: 12 x 17 x 4 (according to Saks.com)

    does anyone know if the canvas and ostrich versions are larger? and is there a rive gauche that's more like 14 x 9?

    any help would be appreciated! :flower:
  2. these are the sizes on styledrops:

    15"W X 12 1/2"H X 5"D
    14 1/2"W X 9 1/2"H X 4 1/2"D
  3. I hope someone else chimes in on this question. I had the same questions myself. When I looked up the bag on NM and Saks, the website didn't list sizes that I could see. Hope someone responds to this "dilemma" :smile:
  4. anyone? i know someone has to know the answer to this question....:sad:
  5. bluefly had correct measurements for both the smaller one and the larger. I've only seen two sizes, and I've only seen the smaller one IRL at saks. Bluefly has had both sizes. I got mine from bluefly, and I love it. Great, fuctional, pretty, lightweight bag.
  6. Bluefly has it as...
    13¾'' at widest x 11¾'' tall at center x 4½'' deep -
    17'' double handles with 7'' drop and detachable key ring strap -
    35'' detachable shoulder strap with 13'' drop

    15'' at widest x 13'' tall at center x 5'' deep-
    17'' double handles with 7'' drop and detachable key ring strap-
    40'' detachable shoulder strap with 19'' drop -

    That sounds correct from what I've seen because the large has a fairly long shoulder strap.
  7. thanks gals...much appreciated! :heart:

    here's a canvas from saks:

    and the leather

    which look the same, but they have different measurements...

    i'm leaning towards a medium in black, but i wanted to know the sizes first...
  8. I actually saw the canvas one right next to the large at one of the dept. stores, and it did seem slightly taller. I just assumed it was the different material.
  9. I have the medium & large here at the moment from bluefly ... I couldn't decide having only seen the large at NM. I'm going to keep the larger size because I like the look of it better. The medium is a beautiful bag (& I would rather have the shorter strap) but somehow the style looks more striking in the bigger size. Bluefly had quite a few colours & sizes last week... there are still some & more will pop up if people send returns (like me!)
    It's a great bag & I actually like the shape & leather (goat vs buffalo) more than the Muse. These are photo's from bluefly's page so you can see the difference.