Rive Gauche in Canvas - just plain stupid?

  1. I saw the RG in the natural canvas with dark brown leather trim at lunch and I can't get it out of my head. Is there ANY way to protect it or after a month of use is it gonna look like crap? I plan on using it for work and on the weekend with the kids.

    Would I be better off just getting it in black or brown? and if so, which one????

    thanks for the help!
    ysl.jpg yslbrown.jpg
  2. Oh great bag ! Im sure the canvas has been protected but the leather option is probably a safer bet imo...
  3. [​IMG][​IMG]

    i don't know why, but i do like the look of teh canvas more in this style :shame:
  4. doesn't it just look so sharp???? But will it look like crap fast??? think scotchgard would protect it?
  5. yes... i totally love it!
    ut i don't know about protection, the only canvas i have is the hermes herbag, but it's in black.
    i love it! it's light, and actually it doesn't get dirty easily.

    but with this colour, well, i'm just not sure...
  6. I think it is so sharp, but some things just aren't meant for carrying around all the time. This bag would look great in a glass case so I could admire it;) , but in actuality I would end up using it all the time for work, it would get filthy, be impossible to clean, and look bad...etc. So, though I agree that the canvas is pretty, the leather is great, too! Get the brown leather. (Although I love the black Rive Gauche on Reese Witherspoon--it looks so great). But definitely leather.
  7. i personally would go for the brown leather...you said "work and weekend with kids" for its main use...so it'd probably be a safer choice. With my past experiences, I think Scotchguard will only do so much...but also consider color transfer for your jeans, darker stains etc...although I must admit...it's dazzling in that canvas color!
  8. thanks guys, I actually got the black. I had to order from BG and that's all they had. swoon!
  9. so, u're getting the black canvas?
  10. no, all black leather. a la Reese and Courteney Cox. :nuts:
  11. I am glad you're going w/the leather. I think it is much more gorgeous. I actually don't care for the canvas at all.