"Rival" bag by Longchamp or something else?

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  1. has anyone seen this bag? I love the one in chocolate brown leather (not suede as in the pict), would appreciate your opinions on the design.

    I'm keen on getting a chocolate brown bag, i'm also considering the GD Charlotte as well as a Miu Miu bag.

    Below are the picts of the Longchamp Rival and the Miu Miu. I think most of you would know how the GD Charlotte looks like!

    And links to the Longchamp bag for better picts:
    Harbour City Estates Limited

    shopvogue.com - Longchamp

    Which would you get? Longchamp, Miu Miu or GD? My main consideration is that it should last me quite a while, so it should not look so 'last-season' anytime soon...

    Miu_Miu_handbags_2_p.jpg DynamicImage_803_Products_ImageZoom_jpg.jpg Miu_Miu_handbags_3_p.jpg
  2. i think for longitivty I would go with GD
  3. oh, i forgot to add, the Mulberry's bayswater in oak darwin leather is another contender! choices choices choices!
  4. eh, anyone? any help appreciated
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