Riva? Hamilton? Papier? What else am I not getting?

  1. Are they still making the Riva bags? They apparently didn't sell especially well, partly because of all the negative discussion about the hardware, but mostly because they were very expensive due to the quality of the leather. It may not hold up well with a lot of heavy use, but it was beautiful and excellent quality.
  2. No, I don't think they are, but saw one the other day on reebonz.com in red, that's why I was so excited.....at first.... Pretty expensive though.
  3. Here are pics of my Riva bags; they ARE WONDERFUL!!! The leather is TDF; baby-soft-smooth .. OMG!!! As far as the "nipple" HW, trust me .. you can't tell unless you have a very up-close & personal experience with the bag!!!

    1) Bleu Roi Riva Velo

    2) Camel Riva City
  4. HOLY MOLEY .. a RED Riva?!?! It's a good thing I didn't see it!
  5. Yes!!!! Red!!!!! And all I did was look at it everyday until the bag got sold because it was way out of my budget!! Silly huh? :sad:well..... Better luck next time...
  6. Love, love, LOVE your Riva siblings, CeeJay. That Cobalt is spectacular, and looking at your Caramel makes me want the Large Caramel Riva I saw, all over again *sigh*
  7. I'm afraid that I would have busted my "budget" (what's that???:graucho:) .. if I saw a RED Riva!!! I really can't begin to describe how delicious the leather is. Yes, they are pricey .. but frankly, the quality is better than the "regular" bags (except the oldies) .. and the leather seems to be a lot more durable. I wore that Velo every day for quite some time, and there isn't a single scratch, mar, ding .. NOTHIN'!!