Ritz vs. Lady Braid Flap

  1. Soo, I am torn between these two bags, anyone have any insight on either of these two bags that may make the decision easier?

    I am already getting the navy patent reissue and possibly the khaki coco cabas but I'm trying to choose between the black patent ritz (smaller size) and the Black Lady Braid flap bag.


  2. I love the ritz! The patent is amazing , it is an great size, and I think this will be a classic for years to come. my vote goes to the Ritz!
  3. Hey You NEED both :graucho:
    With it being so hard to pic between the two I think both is the only way you can go.
  4. Go with the Ritz
  5. Wow-tough choice. I may be wrong but doesn't the ritz hold more than the lady braid flap? Maybe that will help with your decision??
  6. I LOVE the Ritz! It's such a hot bag!
  7. I got the lady braid in black...I dont know, the ritz was gorgeous in that black patent color but I just never loved the style of the bag--and since Im getting the navy patent reissue I figured I could hold off on the patent for awhile (just got the diamond shine in red flap bag)...
  8. oh i just love both. If you can get both get them, they are totally 2 different bags.
    I had to choose between the black larger Ritz and the Lady braid in violet. I went with the Ritz!!!! If you lay both bags side by side the Ritz is just so much more dynamic!!! It really is just one of the most beautiful bags I have ever seen.
  9. love both.. u cant go wrong with either of them IMO