Ritz questions

  1. Hey all, how heavy is the ritz? seeing that it's three compartments including a frame, does it get heavy on the shoulder with all your stuff you carry?

    also, is this style easily found at the boutiques or is there a wait list? thx
  2. I have the smaller one in calfskin and it's pretty light. It's also not that big so you simply won't be able to stuff it so full of stuff that it's hugely heavy. I don't know about bigger patent styles though.

    I rang a couple of boutiques in London and they didn't have any in stock so I had to wait a couple of weeks until they got one for me to buy. Don't think there was a waiting list.
  3. I also have the smaller one, and it was available at NM. It is not heavy at all, imo. I really love mine.
  4. what are the colors it is avail in? so far from the forum it's washed grey and patent blue... any else?
  5. I tried on a lamskin at NM a few weeks ago, it was beautiful and not heavy at all!
  6. I feel that it is kind of heavy and hard to maneuver...it's a lot of handbag if you know what I mean...its also available at NM in black patent leather (large)