Ritz please

  1. I really want to buy this in either size in black(calf/patent), brown, or grey(not sure about this color though). Has anyone spotted this? I have not heard from Joseph yet, and it has been several days now. Can anyone please help me locate this bag?
  2. Hi njland, p.m. me, I might be able to help you.
  3. me too! do tell!
  4. I saw one in small navy calf in chanel store of short hill mall, NJ last weekend.
    For big one, there is no more, I think, unless someone returned it. I checked every NM, every Saks and every chanel store, found the last one and bought it. So sorry.
  5. let's make VERY sure we are merely telling a person which store has one, members caught selling or buying here will be banned.
    And in this case, you can just post in this thread where you saw it, no need for a PM ;)
  6. What season is this bag from? I don't think I've ever heard of this one, but then again I'm fairly new to CHANEL.
  7. I think this is from cruise collection from the last season.
  8. Just wanted to suggest calling some Chanel stores in Hongkong or Singapore. They always seem to have more styles available. Not sure if you have to take into account shipping costs/taxes, would it really be worth it, kwim? I can still give you my s.a.'s contact number if interested.
  9. Jag posted a picture of a grey one from the NM Troy,MI Trunk show. It looks beautiful so someone get it!
  10. I saw this bag in grey color at NM Galleria in Houston, TX, just last weekend.
  11. I called both stores. They don't have it anymore.:crybaby: