Rituxan while pregnant

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  1. Anyone out there taken or know anyone who’s taken Rituxan while pregnant? I’m looking for your experience. Side effects which I know can be different for everyone? Any effects on the baby? Were you able to carry to term?
  2. I recommend speaking to your doctors for specific guidance and information on your personal situation.
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  3. Yes, please don't rely on random internet strangers for specific medical advice for something as important and impactful as care during pregnancy.
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  4. Trust me I’ve spoken to many many doctors on my personal situation. I’m looking for anyone or someone who has personally been through this. If there is anyone out there.

    Although the doctors are suggesting Rituxan during my pregnancy, they cannot guarantee that it will not affect the baby.
  5. Holy smokes. And yet you’re considering rolling those dice? In what ways could it affect?

    I only hope that strangers on the internet don’t remotely impact the decision here, against the clear messaging of your doctors plural.
  6. I don't know anything about the medication. Is it life or death for you? I'm not being cheeky. If it's something you can postpone until after your baby is born, please consider it.
  7. What is that? If you mean retinol it can cause birth defects
  8. For way of background and this is truly out of desperation to see if anyone has experience (since this is worldwide site and people are constantly posting their personal issues on here) with this drug because honestly I’m resisting the drug and the doctors’ responses have been the benefits outweigh the risks and what’s the point of having baby when mommy is not around...this is my 2nd pregnancy. First was born via an emergency c-section at 26 weeks and 2 days. One day I didn’t feel her kicking. I went into the hospital. Blood pressure was 200/100 and platelets dropped down to 11,000 (normal is over 150,000 and under 10,000 you bleed out). It was determined baby needed to come out to save my life and hers. I was in ICU for 4 days and they had no idea what was going on. I was going into complete organ failure. They thought I had HELPP but that should’ve corrected itself after delivery but instead I was getting worse. Day 4 they diagnosed me with TTP (a very rare blood disorder) that I had no idea I had and doctors know very little about. I was eventually discharged after doing a combination of 40 blood transfusions and plasma exchanges. I’ve been seeing a hematologist since and he assured me I could carry to term with no issues if I was to get pregnant again. Well fast forward to now, I’ve been doing twice a week plasma infusions as well as twice a week blood work. Numbers have not been stable so they started me on prednisone which seems to be helping. But now they want to start me on Rituxan which as early stated they think it’s the best course to get me further along. Side note I will be 26 weeks tomorrow and the doctors want me to start the drug next week.

    I am not looking for advise at all. I’m looking for personal experience with this drug while pregnant. It’s not going to sway my decision one way or another but to have someone who’s been through this would help me and my husband have some sort of piece of mind. I know what I want to do...

    The condition is rare and taking the drug while pregnant seems to be even rarer. They THINK since the baby is already formed, he should be fine. Think unfortunately is not good enough for me. At the same time, I have a healthy (thank God) almost 2 year old at home that does need her mommy and for the long future.

    Also this pregnancy was not exactly planned as we were told we could not get pregnant naturally and our daughter was conceived via IVF. Nonetheless, we are excited to have our son but want to give him and well myself our best chances.

    I’m not looking to be judged because I’m asking strangers. Honestly, there’s no one else to ask not really even the doctors (I feel like
    I’m their guinea pig). I’ve asked my questions for the doctors and family and I know this decision is for my husband and me to make.

    I appreciate the comments but please don’t judge or criticize me for asking on a public forum.

    Sorry for the long winded response.
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  9. As a neonatal registered nurse, I would like to let you know that your baby will need to be observed for withdrawal symptoms after birth. They may not appear for a day or 2 after birth. If the baby is in withdrawal, he/she will need to stay in the NICU and receive morphine. The dose is gradually decreased over time to slowly wean the baby out of withdrawal. You will also see a social worker to ensure the baby will be going home to a safe environment. Oh I just read your medical situation!!! Social services will not need to get involved. Best wishes!
  10. Goodness, dear!! You have a serious pregnancy condition! I also do labor & delivery and postpartum. Can you not take aspirin or plavix or another antiplatelet drug during pregnancy?
  11. Ok wow, your platelets were actually super low even though you tend to clot, so I guess an antiplatelet drug won’t work for your clotting disorder.

  12. I guess I should’ve given more in my initial posts. Never thought people would think I’m a drug addict. At least I got a chuckle out of that.

    Sorry trying to make light of your comments.
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  13. Platelets are normal right now. Been in the 200,000s since I started treatment. It’s the fear of it dropping that low again and it being too late this time.
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  14. Sorry I have a question for you since you’re a neonatal nurse. Have you had experience with babies who’s mom’s have taken Rituxan? I’m meeting with head of the NICU this week but figured I’d ask.
  15. Well, we do get addicts delivering babies from time to time. I had written a little blurb about, “Good for you for trying to get clean!” and went back and edited it haha!!
    I’ve had experience with withdrawal babies as well as moms who were on methadone or opioids, the same as Rituxin.

    Please be prepared for the baby to be observed in the nursery or NICU for withdrawals, and potentially a very long stay for the baby, as in weeks. If you plan to breastfeed, try to at least get some skin to skin before she goes to the nursery and then start pumping immediately every 2-3 hours to help establish a milk supply and get milk to your baby in NICU. It’s highly encouraged for every NICU mom to at least pump even if she doesn’t want to or cannot directly breastfeed. If your baby is premature, they often use donor breast milk until you produce enough.