Rita ora

  1. I'm not a fan of the darker hair. She has a cute body.
  2. I dont like the blond. Darker hair suits her better
  3. The darker hair makes her look 22 and the blond 32.
  4. I hate the new 'do, i think she was so sexy and cute as a blonde, now she is just blah!
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  6. I see they still trying to make fetch happen. She is corny with no talent

  7. I think she's pretty talented, tbh.

    Her problem is that nobody is interested in her when she's not being compared to Rihanna or talking about Jay, Beyonce or Blue. I swear, every. single. time. I hear about Rita, one of those 4 is mentioned... either by her herself during the interview or already during the intro paragraph...
  8. The 'RIP' single that will soon be released in the USA and has already been a number 1 single over here in the UK :biggrin:
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  10. Agreed. Just looked at some of the video links here. Saw some other videos of her covering "Hey Ya" and a little bit of "We Found Love" which actually showcase her voice better.
  11. She's so unique looking. It intrigues me. She's albanian right?
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