Risky buy at this price or not?

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  1. I like it a lot, I think I may even be loving it in two or three more watchings? My fairy did a bit of bleeding and even if this has no chance of doing that, it ís white and the fairy's price tag has made me a little weary of the more 'delicate' Prada's.
    I know that she isn't that hugely expensive but she is the top of my budget and I carry only one bag (no alternating) so even with extensive babying, she'd need to be a trooper, hence my concern.

  2. White is hard to keep clean, color transfer etc. I'm always afraid and the climate I live in limits how much use it could get.

    Hope that helps. But it is a cute bag!!
  3. I think it's a little risky. Depends of where do you live and what do you do. In my case I'm noe even thinking of getting a white bag
  4. I think a white bag is great if you have other bags to use sometimes.
    white gets dirty so easily and there are many times you wouldn't want to use it. It is a great looking bag!
  5. I loooove the look of white bags, but am too scared with two little kids. I agree with everyone...depends on your lifestyle and climate you live in.
  6. I don't know... I love the edgy design on the bag, but it is white and the fact that it's lambskin doesn't help. If you like the style, maybe you should shop around and see what other colors this bag comes in. Prada normally makes different color variations for its bag, so it's likely you'll find this style sold in other colors elsewhere if NM doesn't carry them.