Risks to Seller re: Local Pick-ups???

  1. I'm new to the ebay selling game, and a potential bidder just asked if they could pick up the item from me since they live closeby. My first inclination was against this, but my fiance says "why not?"

    What do you seasoned ebay sellers think??? :shrugs:

    TIA!!! :flowers:
  2. If you meet in a public place.. I have done this once before. In a police station parking lot..
  3. Now that's a safe place!!! :yes:
  4. Police HQ parking lot (with friend), McDonalds with obvious friends at nearby tables, and information about the buyer that he/she is comfortable giving to you-if any of this is unacceptable to the buyer, you probably don't want to sell to this person-if it sounds like overkill, just pick any newspaper and turn to the crime section. Good luck!
  5. Thanks for the tips! I guess pickup should be OK...I just don't want to make a habit of it...
  6. i've delivered to the buyer but i don't think i'd let them pick things up unless it was something really big and heavy. i don't make a habit of delivering but once my neighbour across the street won an auction of mine :wtf: and it was much easier for me to walk the package to her than going to the post office :lol: and another time i was going shopping really near where the buyer worked so i took it to reception.
  7. Well I don't mind letting them pick things up...as long as it's not at my HOUSE. I'll definitely pick a public place to meet...

    But that's funny annanas - that your neighbour won your auction! LOL...
  8. I have had several buyers pick up handbags at my office and I ALWAYS make a copy of their Drivers License and I have a typed receipt that they MUST sign saying they received whatever from me and the date. On occasion I will even have the Notary in my office Notarize it if I "suspect" the buyer to be a potential problem down the road. I never had any problems.
  9. Wow...good ideas Oh Donna! I would just rather these strangers not know where I live or where I work. A random McDonald's or coffee shop sounds good to me!
  10. I wouldn't let them come to my house or my work. Maybe I'm just paranoid!!! I watch a lot of true crime shows.
  11. ^Agreed. NEVER let them go to your house!
  12. I would never let anyone come to my house to pick anything up, and I'm not worried about anyone picking up from my job. The Police station is closerthanthis right next door. And the alarm that goes to the police station is under each of our desks. Actually its kinda nice putting a face to a name. I have wonderful buyers.
  13. For local pickups insist on cash or a postal money order for payment. If you take Paypal as payment you need trackable delivery, like delivery confirmation. A local pickup buyer who pays via Paypal could claim non-receipt and you have nothing that is trackable.

    And I always meet in a populated public place when I do pickups.
  14. Meeting in a public place is a very good idea. I've done this b4. Always bring someone with you. Preferably a guy (with big muscles and looks very scary! Just kidding!).
  15. I've had 3 different people come to my apartment to pick things up (and I live in New York City) and they've all been very nice and there were no problems. I've also picked up an item from someone who lived near where I work--she was very nice too. However, ebay has been changing and I wouldn't let people come to my apartment anymore. This was a few years ago. One issue now is how to prove delivery. I think the suggestion above of using a signed receipt is a good idea, but I wonder if it would be enough to hold up if there were a problem?