Ripple refect...Intrecciato Silver Bracelets

  1. Some intrecciato silver bracelets..


    Although don't really wear this one actually, but i like the craftsmanship of these rose buds very much.

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  2. very pretty
  3. beautiful. thanks for posting.
  4. They are beautifully crafted.
  5. CX827 - do you have some intrecciato silver bracelets? Do you want other members to post here for some enabling??? :graucho:
  6. I have the thin bangle and have worn it everyday since I got it six months ago. It's enough on its own but also pairs well with other bracelets, especially David Yurman....just say'in.
  7. these are so pretty!!
  8. Thanks Ladies!!
    Sure, anyone please do feel free to post your BV jewellery, would like to see them, either action shot or still. I am actually quite impressed by the craftsmanship of BV jewellery, love how they managed to make these woven silver pieces. (have looked around from other brands but found none tickle my interest)

    As LLANeedle said, that wire bangle thingy is easy to wear and fits in pretty much any occasions and match well with other pieces or wristwatch.
    *Be sure to ask your SA to show you both sizes i mean different thickness if it is on your list. Those on the pic above are the thicker one.