Ripping buyers off with high shipping charges...

  1. Okay, I understand that a lot of sellers on eBay have to pay tons of eBay and PayPal fees and some sellers incorporate this "fee" into their shipping charge for the customer so that they don't lose any money on the listing. I've seen people charge $40, $45, even $60...and I thought fashionphile's $45 was ridiculously high. Anyways, I was browsing through listings and came upon this:

    eBay: Rare Louis Vuitton The Birth Of Modern Luxury Hardback (item 260036080425 end time Oct-09-06 12:00:00 PDT)

    60 pounds sterling for SHIPPING?! That's like $120!!! I'm sorry but that is absolutely ridiculous for shipping...I ordered some clothes from Hong Kong and it was ONE HEAVY parcel but the total shipping was only around $50. rebeccalou28 shipped my porte monnaie plat using this same service and it came to around $20...but shipping a book for $120?? The seller must be kidding!! I don't think that book weighs 10 pounds!!

    Your thoughts?
  2. :lol: i wonder if anyone is going to end up buying it?
  3. All I can say is that heavy items I sent from Canada overseas using air mail (trackable) have cost me over $100.00 before because they were heavy (books included) so it is possible.
  4. I don't really know about fashionphile, but I know other sellers who rip off on shipping, which sucks because you can tell. I know some sellers who would say that to ship a bag it's $20 USD...and it doesn't even include the insurance! I've mailed out stuff before, and I've insured them (some merchandise worth over $500), and it was NEVER unreasonably high. But I just bite the bullet and pay -- afterall, I'm still getting a good deal, right?
  5. The bag is pretty heavy..I think almost 10 pounds or may be more...
    Some seller prefer to ship it with express mail especially with international buyer, it's faster and safer for seller. For domestic, it's pretty high but I don't know how much it it to mail the package in UK.
    Considering there is no reserve for the item, I guess the seller think it's ok to put higher shipping cost and hoping the book will sell with good price and it will cover the fees, shipping and actual cost for the book.
  6. Karman~ I agree. Ebay is supposed to be watching this. They sent me a survey about buying/selling and this was a concern they stated they had. I have listed a flat fee of $25.00 across USA before...but that has been the highest w/ insurance as well for (LV). I know that I too have lost $ on inaccurately calculating shipping costs as well. It is price gauging w/ $120.00:hysteric: . I agree!
  7. I usually list a $25 or $30 shipping fee in my auctions for handbags, BUT that includes insurane and signature confirmation. To ship overseas for a bag via Global Express with insurance I charge about $50. I have refunded buyers in the past if shipping was less.
  8. The book is indeed heavy and probably close to 10lbs- but $120.00 to ship it
    how? Lear Jet...
  9. I looked at that also. Such a shame to pay that much for mere shipping.
  10. Sellers who charge ridiculously high fees for shipping are contravening eBay policy - you can report them for fee circumvention (bottom of auction page - Report This Item).
  11. I'm not sure.. that may be about right for that particular book. I shipped a laptop to Germany and it was around 90$ CAD, around that weight, Xpresspost (Canadian Post premium services).. and that's without extra insurance so I could see it actually being pretty much cost and packaging.
  12. thats because ebay doesnt charge you a fee on the shipping cost. This is their way around that fee.

  13. karman, I have to say that £60 sounds really high, but if that book is truly heavy, it really may cost that much to ship it overseas! UK postal rates have increased recently and its sooooo expensive I can't believe it myself!
  14. Yeah, Australian post charges heaps too. I posted a bag across Australia the other day (only weigh 2 kg and registered only no courier) and it cost me almost US $50 .:sad: :cursing:
  15. Airmail shipping is dear but I don't think it would be that much. I got the same book shipped from the US and it was about $38US which is still a lot.
    You could risk surface mail, sometimes it gets there quick from the UK- about two weeks. I wouldn't risk surface too close to Xmas though as it can take over twelve weeks.