Ripped/Torn holes on the handles where the whipstich goes

  1. Does anyone have this on their bags?? You know where the rope goes through the holes on your handles..are any of the holes slightly ripped or torn?? Is this normal?? I finally bought an 07 black city this morning at Nordies and I was inspecting ALL of them w/a fine tooth comb and noticed this on a lot of is so minor but would it cause more damage down the road?? I know the leather is thin but very durable and maybe bound to happen right?? Just wondering if any of you ladies have had this happen to you?? TIA for your responses..
  2. sagranch- i dont think this should happen if its an 07 bbag. i looked through all of mine and everything is intact. i would think this might happen over time (if it even does) but not with a new bag. can you still return it?
  3. oh nooo, i'm sorry for this.
    i actually never have this experience with all of my b bags...

    i hope u still can return it :yes:
  4. I think you should return it ASAP, too! I just checked my black SS '06 City and it has no holes there even though I use it a lot so I don't think that should be happening on yours! Hope you will be able to exchange it for one without holes on the handles!:yes:
  5. Oh, it's not on mine..I just noticed it on some's very faint. hardly noticeable's a teeny tiny tear I think from the pressure of the rope pulling through the hole. I have actually seen it on a lot of bbags. I am just so anal that I noticed it!!
  6. I have seen it too, you're not alone. I am one that struggles with Bbags price equals quality issue.... I feel, like as with many designer brands, with supply and demand it seems price goes up but quality seems to come down with corners being cut here and there. I do struggle because I still love them. :shrugs:
  7. I haven't noticed any rips or tears but I have noticed that sometimes the holes don't seem to line up correctly and the "handle" shows through between the whipstitching and the hole. I've noticed this on bags for the past couple of years and it bugs me. I also hate the white edges that sometimes show where the piping is stitched to the bag. I will pass on a bag if the details aren't right...
  8. I think Nordie's has some serious issues. My Blueberry Day that I got from them has ONE hole that you're talking about. Where the stitching goes thru, right?

    What I did (since it was just ONE hole) was I went to Michaels Arts & Crafts and got some leather glue to kinda glue the piece of "torn" leather back down/together. It worked pretty well, I've had it for quite some time and it hasn't ripped or anything. The part where I glued it down is a bit stiffer than the other holes, but hey - at least there is no ripping. :idea:

    If you have got several holes, I say you return it! What the hell is wrong with Nordstroms?!

    I can't remember the name of the glue, but it was made specially for leather and came in a silver tube.
  9. I think it's the bags in general because I have seen them from everywhere..the quality of bags I have received straight from BalNY were awful..three of them were returned, yes returned and not exchanged. Supposedly brand new and came to me scratched.

    I think Nordies is the best w/ the quality because I know my SA who is pretty much in charge of Balenciaga handles them like brand new babies:smile::smile:

    I was just curious if anyone had noticed this too, it really is so minor and makes sense if/when it happens because that leather is being pulled so tight..

    Thanks everyone for their input!!
  10. Ack!! I just had to go check all my bags!!
    They're okay, phew :sweatdrop:
  11. Just wanted to say that Nordie's Sacramento is the "best kept secret" amongst Bal retailers for those of us who have to deal over the phone/long distance. The level of service is phenomenal - it's refreshing to be able to deal with SA's other than at BalNY who really *know* Balenciaga.
  12. JMO, but I think that if people continue to pay $1K+ for bags with quality control issues, the quality will continue to decline.

    I have much higher standards for a Bal that for a generic bag from Burlington Coat factory:yes:

  13. That is a really nice compliment, I will be sure to pass it along:smile::smile: