Ripped off the wrong person

  1. For over 850.00 and NARU'D. We will see about that now won't we. I have the resources and the time to track yo ass down..:cursing::cursing::mad::rant::lecture:
  2. I am so sorry that it happened to you :sad:...KEEP US UP TO DATE!
  3. Yes, do it!
  4. Omg what happened??
  5. Oh my. What happened? You paid by paypal and/or credit card right?
  6. I know you'll take car eof it!! Good for you!! Get that thief!
  7. im lsot waht happend
  8. What happened amamxr?
  9. I purchased a very hard to find item to add to my collection as I do once a year (I like the unusual LE pieces) 8 weeks ago and I still don't have it. I figured that since I was away in New England for a month that the post office would just have it (mail on hold) It was supposed to be delivered prior to my vacation but didn't worry to much since I had my neighbor collecting and holding any packages that were delivered by fed-x, etc.

    When I got home I emailed several times with no response so I decided to check the user ID to find out it was NARU'D. Thank goodness for American Express as they are awesome in crediting your account but that's not the point. I would like to ask Vlad/Megs or the Mod's if they would consider a sub-forum under Ebay for Sellers to avoid in order to place a name on the list you must have proof that the name you are placing on this list falls under that category ie scams, not authentic, etc. It would be prudent for any PF'ers to check the list and the authenticate me forum prior to placing a bid. I also have other ideas and would be willing to help in anyway that I can

    Yes, its upsetting to me that this happened and luckily I paid with a credit card, but if this happened to a first time Louis Vuitton buyer who saved and saved to make their first purchase with money orders etc. as some of our younger ladies do the impact would be far more devastating.This has to stop and we should implement some sort of "Watch Dog Community". for our PF'ers What do you think?:flowers:
  10. I agree it would be a great help.

    Love the picture of your dog
  11. Are you still able to find out the seller's contact number through the eBay system?
  12. If you have the contact number and address (from advanced search on eBay site), you can file an IFCC complaint with the US Attorney General. They tracked down the crook who sold me a fake bag and issued a summons for criminal offense. You may also check with the local police department of where the crook resides.
  13. yes i agree, i hope we can do this!! too many scammers and things like that i am so scared to buy from ebay, i hope you can do something with this awful situation.
  14. Oh boy, sorry this happened to you, some of the PFers know what I've been dealing with -- I'm out over $1K trying to track down a seller who never sent me my merchandise after I sent her a money order! Go Amamxr!!!
  15. Oh -- thats horrible!
    so sorry you have to trouble yourself with such cr@p!
    Good to hear you won't be ripped off!