Ripped off on eBay...and LIVID!

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  1. I purchased a (supposed) "Elsa Peretti" Madonna Pendant off of eBay the other day. The listing looked alright, but not great.I figured it was just the seller hurrying along or something. The bidding was only up to about $70, so I figured I could get a good deal on a not-so-popular-and-unlikely-faked necklace. When I received the pendant today, it was completely fake. This just makes me so mad!

    I have been a Tiffany customer all my life, and have only purchased two other Tiffany items on eBay (both of which were authentic). I am pretty much an expert at figuring out whether it's fake or not (I can even identify it on stupid chicks in passing).

    Well, I was surely surprised when I opened the envelope today. The box was a cheap, crappy paper that said "JEWELRY CASE MADE IN THAILAND". Now, if that doesn't scream "FAKE", I don't know what does. Why the hell would they even stamp that on???? The paper was un-textured, unlike the authentic Tiffany boxes.

    The necklace came in a Tiffany RING bag, not a necklace one. I think the bag was actually real. The necklace itself was quite a piece of work. The pendant had all the right lines, but this could have been easily accomplished by creating a mold. There was no marking at all on the reverse of the pendant. NO "PERETTI" or anything. The chain looked pretty good but the two little bars that attach the chain to the clasp were rounded (authentic is always squared) and the Peretti signature was crappy. The link connecting the bars to the clasp itself was soldered crooked and the clasp was seriously corroding. I am so mad at this person, but even more mad at myself for being so dumb. I have already filed a complaint with Paypal, but eBay won't let you file one for 10 days. I am seriously thinking of turning this idiot in to the police.

    Oh, and get this: In the listing, she states "If you aren't satisfied, you have 7 days to return it and get a refund". Good way to get out of being turned in.

    Sorry, just needed to vent. Has this happened to anyone else, and if it has, how did you deal?

  2. That is so cheeky, return the item asap, it happened to one of my friends, you are lucky, she could not get a refund. She has never bought off ebay since.
  3. I am so scared to purchase anything of quality from ebay. I'd rather pay the $$ at the store and be "mind clean" about it, you know? :smile:
    If you can return it, I definitely would. Be sure to use delivery/signature confirmation so there is no "the package never arrived so no refund" drama.
  4. How frustrating...sorry for you! Hope you get your refund.
  5. I'm so sorry to hear that! I hope you'll be able to retutn it!
    That is the reason I don't buy anything more than 20$ on eBAy, I'd feel better spending more money in the store, but to be completely satisfied with the purchase instead of thinking " Is it real or not?"
    It's a pity that eBay, which is initially a good idea IMO now is full with cheaters and scammers.
  6. never trusted ebay.
  7. Return the item, get your money back then report her to ebay for selling fakes.
    There are honest sellers on ebay you just need to know them.
    Tiffany are one of the companies that are suing ebay for allowing the sale of fake items
  8. Oh, I am so sorry! Send it back and get your refund.
  9. send it back as the seller said
    its fakebay
    worse than ever
  10. Haha... FAKEBAY! Love it. I mean, really, I HATE it. I HATE that I used to have fun buying and selling on ebay and now it is dreadful. But the name "Fakebay"? Funny as hell!
  11. Sadly, Tiffany and LV are the most counterfeited brands on ebay.
  12. I highly advise you to NOT send the item back to her unless Paypal tells you to do so. They may ask for the item as evidence. If you don't have the item you can't prove it's fake.
  13. Is it just me or does eBay seem to getting worse. Its absolutely flooded with Fakes.

    I fully understand that some people like and want things that they simply can't afford (I know there are some things I want but can't) and that some of those people are happy to have copied things because they are cheaper but why do the rest of us have to get robbed.

    Maybe its time for eBay to open up another site - FAKEBAY as somebody said earlier and let all the rip offs go there. I don't believe in them either but we are never going to stop them are we?
  14. Email her to say you're not satisfied, it'e fake, etc, and hopefully she will give a refund. As for turning her in, you can report an item if she lists again, or you can send her info to tiffany and co, and they have a team to combat these people.
  15. Keep the counterfeit until asked by Paypal to send it back. This is serious fraud committed by this seller - both Paypal and eBay will be on your side.

    Yes, it's very bad on eBay - people actually convince themselves they have real items when they have obvious fakes - some people won't even let you question the authenticity.

    But Paypal will accept your claim - most likely without seeing the evidence - and you'll get your money back.