ripped off by seller

  1. I had my eye on a whiskey east west paddy and tried to bid at the last minute, my computer took too long and i missed the end of the auction, stupidly i emailed the seller and asked if for some reason the winning bidder didn't want it could i have it, anyway basically they said yes so i paid by paypal and bag turned up next day, turns out to be a fake medium satchel, not an east west, ake or not.
    I of course emailed them straight away and said i was unhappy and wanted a refund, they asked why so i didn't mention that it was fake as i wanted to keep it nice and easy to get my money back and just said i wasn't happy that it didn't turn out to be the east west bag. Not heard back since, what would you do? if i don't hear anything then should i fill a complaint with paypal, i also have their address so i could turn up on his doorstep.
    Sorry this is so long
  2. I would file a paypal claim or dispute. Normally when you do that it is enough to jolt the seller to start replying.

    Good luck and keep us posted
  3. You'd mention it as fake. If you only tell that you're unhappy with the bag, PayPal will think that you're trying to scam seller with any reasons to get back your money. I know that you're trying to keep nice with seller to get back your money but they might be think that they succesed rip-off you and the reason you return that bag is you unlike the style etc, not by they sold you FAKE bag!!

    It's important to let em know that you know they sold you FAKE!
  4. Ooh I don't think you knock their door is a good idea but you'd try it if they totally never respond you back and refuse to refund you! Another alternatife, may you've their phone number? Ring them!
  5. Thanks guys, i'll wait till the morning for a reply then i'll contact paypal
  6. You can contact Paypal, but you bid off-eBay it sounds like so I doubt there'll be they can do.
  7. I know eBay can't do anything but surely if i paid through paypal i'm still protected by them??
  8. Yeah but it is not 100% protected.
  9. I would return the bag to them with signature confirmation. Open a dispute up on Paypal and say you returned the bag and provide tracking info to Paypal. Usually they'll side with you since you return it. HTH.
  10. I'm just a little concerned as i obviously don't trust him and i'm sure once he has the bag back he will not refund me.
    I finally got an email back saying ''sorry, i don't do refunds'' after threating will disputes and reporting him he offered me a partial refund! i said no of course and no i haven't heard so i think i'll go ahead with the paypal dispute, i can understand he wants the bag back first but at the end of the day i had to pay him before he sent it to me so he has to give me my money back first.

    It's the cheapest nastiest most worthless bag i've ever seen, disgusting.
  11. If you have his address, why don't you report him to the police? It is illegal to sell counterfeit items. Perhaps you can get the police to send him a letter saying they are starting an investigation against him and that you are willing to press charges because he won't refund you? The seller also scammed you with the ebay auction, which is also illegal.
  12. I'd advise against sending the bag back to the seller. Then you have no proof that it's counterfeit.

    If you bid outside of eBay, they will not cover you. Your best bet is to email the seller and tell them that you're going to do a chargeback. If they don't respond, go ahead and do it. Your CC company will cover you.