ripped lining?!

  1. okay so i finally decided to scotch guard my bags, and i was emptying out my pirata zucca and when i reached to get my chapstick out of the inside pocket, the lining completely ripped away from the zipper!

    and it's not like i pulled on it super hard or anything, i don't even know how it happened! now, i do use this bag more frequently but, i've had it for only 4 weeks and i feel like it's impossible for me to have put so much wear & tear on it that it would just rip.

    does anyone have any tips on how i can repair this? even if it's on the inside, i don't want it to look obviously damaged/repaired. i'm really upset that this happened, i had dreamt of having a pirata zucca for so long and it's turning out to be a nightmare!

    not that it really matters but the qee it came with is also broken. the head comes off but not how it's supposed to... so i can't really change it or take it off (without trying to get the keyring out, but i wouldn't want to risk damaging the leather).

    ughhh i'm really upset!
    here are some pictures so you can see for yourself.
    OH HAY 143.jpg OH HAY 144.jpg OH HAY 145.jpg
  2. Yup, that happens a lot with the regular classic LeSportsac bags. Really sucks and since this is the higher end Tokidoki, it really shouldn't have happend! Anyway, my remedy, for my regular LeSportsac bag is to use SUPER GLUE. Make sure you aligned the fabric properly before applying the glue so they don't tug at each other when it dries.

    Maybe when you have smome left over super glue, try it on the qee head too?
  3. i was thinking super glue, too.
    but i wasn't sure if it would look too sloppy to try using it on the lining.
    maybe i'll run down to the store a little bit later and pick some up.
    hopefully all goes well, thanks!
  4. I would sew a whip stitch seam to join the piece back together again:


    You can use fine transparent thread or turquoise thread. Just be sure to fold the inner lining in about about 1/8 of an inch (facing the outside fabric's reverse side) so it won't fray and attach it to the black part of the zipper fabric where it meets the bag.

    Crazy Glue will fix that Qee. Just apply it to the connector (where the paint splotches are) enough to cover but not too much that it drips. Put the head back on a let dry for about an hour (overnight to be sure). Should be good as new after that.
  5. OMG. I had no idea this could happen :wtf::wtf::wtf:. I'd understand it if you used the bag every day for a year or longer but 4 weeks and you're not even rough on it. You couldn't be that rough on it in 4 weeks. :wtf: I can't believe the poor quality of these bags. :tdown:

    Not that it matters but where did you get it from?

    I hope that you're able to fix it. Let us know what happens. :cursing: LESPORTSUX!!!!
  6. This is terrible. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that the fabric and zipper is rough/stiff on the pirata print. At least that is what I have found with my gioco not sure about the zucca though?
  7. yeah! lesportsux!!! :tdown: That's shocking to know the lining would come off like that... their bags do have some quality issues like zippers come off at the end... I have threads coming out underneath the leather part of the handles :wtf::cursing:
    My mom recently got a L'Amore BV and the zipper zipped right off the bag. :cursing: What a joke lesportsux is. I have the same issue with threads coming out of the leather part of the handles. :wtf: I have two words for sux...Quality Control! :mad:
  9. I know they suck!! :censor: Considering the $$$ they charge for these bags, they are like 3 - 4 times more expensive than regular lesportsux bags but they don't last!! :cursing:
  10. i got it from SH.
  11. I think most of the problems are with the pirata, amore, and AS bags. To me those prints were terrible quality. The fabric being so stiff and the zippers are crap.
  12. O your poor headless qee!

    Anyway I made that mistake removing my qee from my Pirata caramella (I use it as a makeup bag inside other bags so didn't want a qee making extra bumps) -- I removed the whole key ring, thereby scratching my leather loop a little, not a lot, but I'm OCD about things being in pristine condition so didn't appreciate this happening.

    After that, I realized you can remove just the jumpring (the quarter-inch round ring at each end of the chain) from the keyring. This enables you to remove/replace the qee without having to remove the whole keyring. Of course you have an empty keyring dangling but I sometimes hook other things on it temporarily, or just ignore it. Or you can hook another qee onto it.

    LOL I did the pristine removal technique when buying a display bag that had really good placement. I told the SA I didn't want the blackened scratched-up qee that was on the display bag. We switched with a qee still in its protective plastic wrapper. :amuse:
  13. I wouldnt use Super Glue if I was you.. It isnt for fabric.. What I would use is Fabric-Tac Washable Adhesive it is the best for fabrics.. I use it for anything to do with fabric and I love it.. You can buy it online or in Joann's Fabric.. trust me, you should use this for your bag... Hope it helps...:tup:
  14. ooh, thanks for the suggestion danelys!
    it sounds like something i'd be much more confident using, too.
  15. I only did textiles till I was about 15, however it sounds like a manufacturers fault. I think that it is possible that when the bag was made they sewed the lining to close to the edge of the lining material, and this means the lining isn't strong enough against the stitching and frays, and therefore the stitching isnt holding it to the bag anymore.

    I wouldnt have expected it from high end bags like these as i would have thought the after production inspection was higher and this would have been noticed. and normally it is low end bags that this happens to due to trying to use less lining material, they sew really close to the edge of the material to use less on each bag. If it was sewn correctly then the lining would have had been attached to the bag with more of a margin. I know it is no consellation to give a theory of how it could have happened, but this rip was none of your doing.

    Is it possible to contact lesportsac and try and get it fixed, or the seller? Hope you get it sorted, my pirata zucca came to day and i would be really upset too if i was in your position.