ripped jeans

  1. I was wondering if anyone knew how to put the tears and holes into jeans like you see on abercrombie jeans. I've always wanted to do it myself, but dont know how..if you do thanks in advance!
  2. scissors, emory boards, and fray stop (which you can buy at michael's)
  3. sandpaper
  4. Are ripped jeans still in? I thought that ship had sailed a long time ago.
  5. i like when pockets are slightly frayed...ive read to use a dremel (sp?) to get that effect
  6. Get nail clippers, sand paper, and scissors. Be careful though because if you over distress them then they will soon fall apart! IMO I only like it when the bottom of jeans are frayed.
  7. Oh, don't do this. Keep your jeans intact. If they're really loved, and then they rip but you can't bear to part with them, then you can wear ripped jeans. I am struggling with this right now because I just had a pair of really beloved jeans rip. It sucks! I can't tell you how much I wish they weren't ripped.

    IMO, jeans look best when they are dark and tailored and crisp.
  8. I couldn't agree more.
  9. oh dear. you would do that to jeans? my ripped ones are ripped because i wear them all to death. and when i need to shorten the length, i simply use scissors to cut them just touching the floor. the bottom became ripped and frayed naturally because they were not sewn back after and i stepped all over them when not wearing heels.

    i think it is best to have your ripped jeans naturally so. don't you think?
  10. Either buy them ripped or just wear them to death until they rip naturally. :yes: I don't think I've seen a good pair of ripped jeans that someone did themselves that looked good. Before you do it, get a good picture of ripped jeans and follow it.
  11. sorry, posted in the wrong thread!
  12. When I'm in the mood for distressed jeans, I buy them from Lucky. I like fray on the pockets and the back of the hem in dark jeans, but the back of my hem frays on its own from wearing heels with them!
  13. I'm thinking this ship is still in port.;)
  14. im think the same thing... like.. A LONGGGG time ago...
    well i guess it depends on where you live...?
  15. I took a pair and literally drew a line on the jeans where I wanted them ripped with a basic pen. Then I took a pair of scissors and cut directly on top of the line. Afterwards, I had a long horizontal hole where the line was originally drawn. I hope this makes sense lol...think of u taking a sheet of paper, drawing a line in the middle of it, folding the paper in half and cutting right where u drew the line. The paper is still in tact, but there's now a cut out hole in the middle of it. The jeans should look like that. I took the jeans washed them in the machine and then dried them. After I took them out of the dryer, they were frayed with threading exactly where I had cut. Thats it! I love the look in the summer with a simple tank and cute flipflops. Good luck and lemme know if u need any more help.