Ripped Bag Handle

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  1. Hello everyone!

    Recently while using my Prada Tote bag I noticed that a crack was starting to appear on one of the handles, when I got home it got worse and completely cracked all the way around and I can see the white inner handle, has this ever happened to anyone? I’m so sad because it’s such a big and roomy Tote and this makes me scared to use it again in order not to damage it further.

    Do you think It can repaired at Prada Store once it opens again? Anyone got any experience repairing a handle? I wonder if this is a defect or it’s my fault

    AEA073A6-4585-4D31-B555-ED907B84FC7E.jpeg 95A4CCC5-3357-4848-B3CE-D92E38993DC0.jpeg F7DBD5E9-A134-485D-B95D-CBCBDBC00442.jpeg
  2. Did you buy it from the store? The inner glazing seems like it is completely gone. This might contribute to the lost of structure integrity which led to the handle completely breaking.
  3. Yeah I got a few years ago from Prada store while on holiday, great large size so can just throw so many things inside.

    the glazing is gone because this part of the handle frequently rub each other when I’m holding it I guess, the one that breaks in the front handle as that’s the one I usually hold on top of the back handle. Still, I wonder if Prada will repair or replace the handle of its like this.
  4. I would definitely ask but honestly I doubt they would. They have terrible customer service from my experience.
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