Ripley Turns One!!!!!woohoo!pics!

  1. Ripley loves to open his presents....ROFL..Much better than eating my Prada!!!
  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Ripley is soooooo cute!!
  5. Happy birthday to Ripley!:party:
  6. Aww! Ripley is such a beautiful puppy! Happy Birthday Ripley!
  7. Happy Birthday Ripley!! He is so cute, but looks like quite the troublemaker! My pugs love to chew up shoes too. Actually they love anything leather. I always have to keep an eye on the muffinheads... or else. :shocked:

    What a beautiful dog!

    I love the paws crossed picture!
  9. What a gorgeous dog! Happy Birthday Ripley!!
  10. Oh Ripley is sooo cute! I remembered when my dogs turned one! Now one them is going to turn 14, and the other 6.
  11. Oh he is gorgeous, Happy birthday Ripley!
  12. Happy Birthday Ripley! Looks like you got some nice gifts!
  13. Happy first birthday to you, Ripley! They're still puppies at that age, getting into everything. He's so cute.:love:
  14. Happy bday to Ripley, Ripley is gorgeous!!!!!:love:
  15. Aaaw, Ripley is so cute! Happy birthday Ripley:yahoo::king: