RIPLEY turned 8 months old today!

  1. male Shiba Inu...and slightly INSANE puppy turned 8 months today...
    As most of you know,he is my little terror!He terrorizes Einstein..My 10 year old SHiba..He ATE over 10,000 dollars in carpets and flooring.My daughter no longer owns any unchewed socks,and my personal fave(NOT)...He ate one pair of LV shoes and one pair of Chanels.
    Im personally EXHAUSTED!!I have spent every waking(and sleeping) him and playing with him.
    Today..I am ONE PROUD MAMA!!..SNIFF!...He was trained to use the invisible fence system last week.Now he is soooo MUCH better,He has over 2 acres to run on and is SOOOO much better !!!!Im so proud of my devil doggie.I swear I was in tears when I saw him staying in the property lines and having so much fun running loose!WOOHOO!....I was really starting to get worried about his craziness..LMAO..NOW I think we have given him enough room to play and run off all that pent up energy!Thanks for listening..Im a proud mommy and I wanted to boast about my baby!;)
  2. Happy Birthday Ripley!
  3. Awww god bless you for sticking with him Jill :heart:
  4. I will post a pic of him tomorrow...You will see why I adore the little devil so much...He is SCRUMPTIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LMAO.....SO FREAKIN ADORABLE!!
  5. I wish I could get invisible fencing... we have 9 acres of woods and stuff, but I just don't think I can afford it. My poor hound dog would love to run. My pup is 9 months old this month- I think he's the best puppy we've ever had- he hasn't destroyed ANYTHING- and he's been home alone pretty much this week since we were on vacation and my brother had to work full time as well as having school full time.
    I'm can't wait to see your pictures :smile:
  6. Jill, thank you for sharing your story with us. =)
    Can't wait to see his pic.
  7. Happy birthday, Ripley!! He is such a cute puppy!!:love:
  8. I'm glad to hear he is enjoying it so much! Happy Birthday to him!
  9. Congrats!! My fiancee's parents have a female shiba inu that looks just like the dogs in your cute!!

    Its funny bc she never barks, but she does this weird scream sound. Do yours do that??
  10. ^Shibas have a weird YODEL sound..BUT Ripley barks too..My other Shiba doesnt bark EVER......
  11. Awwwwwww!!

    What a good boy :biggrin:

    Could you post a bigger picture of your avatar? I want to show it to my mom, lol. it's such a cute picture!
  12. You deserve a pat on the back for hanging in there! Your story reminds me of our 2nd boxer, Duffy. He was hell on 4 paws for 2 years!! I don't have the space to tell you everything he did. I remember saying it was going to be either him or me--one of us was leaving. Thank God, we stuck with him and kept trying--he became the best dog for another 10 years.

    I applaud you. :flowers:
  13. Happy Birthday, Ripley! YAY for you, Jill for being so incredibly patient!!! :yahoo:
    Have you heard of the book, "Marley and Me"? It's about a dog who was very challenging as a puppy, and the wonderful bond he and his parents had as he matured. It's a great story!

  14. happy birthday riley! and congrats jill on making progress. it's tough being a puppy mommy!
  15. happy belated birthday, Ripley!

    I can't wait to see his pictures!