1. My baby is now over 6 months age...My Shiba Inu puppy.
    He is going in tomorrow to get snipped and I am so nervous for himm..LOL...Any tips for making his life easier when he gets home from surgery???Poor guy..his manhood will never be the same...ROFLMAO...
    I just want to know what to expect.....:sad:
  2. I don't know about when dogs get fixed, but I know when cats get fixed.

    All I know is, keep your baby comfortable. Don't let him go after his stitches. If he goes after them too much at the vet's office, the vet might make him wear one of those plastic satellite dish thingies on his neck. If he has to wear one of those, move things so he doesn't bump into them. He might be groggy and disoriented.
  3. It's a routine procedure. He'll be fine.

    (Yeah, I should talk . . . I said goodbye to my babies before they went to the vet and I told my dad to call them as soon as the surgery was over).

    I was afraid they'd look SO different after they were fixed. They didn't . . . um . . . remove the suitcases, they just unpacked them. So the luggage is still there, but just a little bit smaller.

    He's not going to look like a eunuch or anything.
  4. When I adopted my Westie from the shelter they had just fixed him the day before. He was absolutely fine and he never even messed with his stitches. We were not allowed to bathe him for 10 days that was the only stipulation, he desperately needed a bath too!
    He just has a little raisin down there now!

    Your baby will be just fine!:yes:
  5. Thanks guys..I just dropped him off..I feel SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!:crybaby: :crybaby:
    They are also putting in his tracking chip..I cant beleive the breeder didnt do it..So I did...
  6. Darwin was perfectly fine after he got snipped. It didn't even seem to phase him whatsoever. Hopefully Ripley will be the same!
  7. Awww...poor puppy! I'm sure he'll be fine, a little groggy at first, but he'll be back to his crazy self in no time.
  8. Awww ... I'm sure Ripley will be just fine. He'll be up and playing in no time:flowers: . I just LOVE your avatar, your two doggies are sooo cute!!!

    I wanted to get my Pom fixed but my parents wanted Pom Jr., I just wanted my puppy to get snipped so that maybe he can live FOREVER~~~:shame:
  9. When I was thinking about getting a a cat, I didn't like the idea of getting it fixed, either. But then my dad showed me a cat book. (The one the ASPCA puts out) that says, especially with male cats, they need to get fixed or else they stay very aggressive, they'll try to run away a lot more and that they'll spray everything in the house.
  10. He is HOME!!!YEAH!He is out of it and trying to I gotta watch him or he has to become a conehead..LOL....
  11. Yay!! glad to hear that Ripley is home and well:yahoo:
  12. OK..Not as easy as I thought it would be..LOL..Ripley was up half the night CRYING..poor thing...I had to lay on the floor holding him half the night...argh.....They gave him pain hopefully those will help.....Breaks my heart to hear him cry!!:crybaby: Gosh I hope it was the first night only....He finally ate today though so Thats a positive thing!
  13. awwwww Jill...I hope he's OK.
    I also have a male but we're hoping to breed him once so we haven't snipped yet....but I know I'll be a basketcase when I have to do it.
  14. The funny thing is, the vets gave the satellite dish to the wrong cat! Willie was fine, it was Louis who would keep going after his stitches. He'd lick them and make this noise like it really hurts but he would keep doing it! Then he'd get mad at me for trying to stop him.

    I just left him alone because I figured he'd teach himself a lesson. He's healed up nicely, though.
  15. Oh Jill, please hug your poor baby for me. I could cry myself if I see my baby crying in pain. My Bhobho is 7, he got the thing done when he was around 7-8 months (a bit late, I know), so the thing was def already there, LOL. Since my floor was being redone that day we had to spend the night at a hotel and so my Bhobho spent the night at the vet after the operation. Floor or no floor, I think I would've still chosen to let him spend the night at the vet coz I would be too afraid to take care of him straight after the op.

    I can still remember what it looked like after the op. The area was red and swollen I couldnt bear to look at it. But he was fine, didnt seem to be in real pain or bothered, and he was being a very good boy, not trying to lick and such. When he did his pee, I imagined it would be so painful, but he just squatted like usual, which was good.

    I hope your baby will recover fast. Just keep and eye on him closely and be with him, I know he'll appreciate it to be looked after by his mommy :smile:

    You know, sometimes I kinda feel regrets to have him done. Now that Bhobho is getting older, I wish that I can have his babies, so that I can always have a piece of him after he died one day. Geez, just the thought of this almost bring tears to my eyes.. I love him so much I couldnt bear to be w/o him :sad: