RIP to my Neverfull GM - advice on my next "personal item" travel bag?

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  1. Sigh. Was using my beloved and well-worn Neverfull as my "personal item" on a trip last week and one of the drawstrings snapped when I grabbed the bag improperly. :wtf: Still a perfectly useable bag otherwise and it's served me well for years, but I'm taking this as a sign from the gods that it's time for a new personal item bag, and I would love your advice on what it should be!

    So the typical personal item size limits are: 16"-17" x 13" x 6" ...

    The Neverfull GM is 15.7" x 13" x 7.9" - while the depth is slightly wider than the limit, it was never an issue for me to store it under my seat, so I'm OK with similar specs to this, except I would ideally want something with a top zipper (and maybe wider shoulder straps?) for my next bag. While normally I also have a carry-on with me, there are occasionally some commuter flights where my personal item is my only bag, so I need to be able to store up to 3 nights of clothes in it!

    I've started looking at:

    Speedy 40 B - 15.75" x 9.84" x 7.49"
    Keepall 45 B - 17.72" x 10.6" x 7.9"
    City Steamer XXL - 17.72" x 13.78" x 9.06"
    All-In MM - 19.69" x 14.17" x 8.27" - seems too big :sad:

    Would love to get opinions from you; anyone who's used these bags as their personal item in flight and what your experience has been with that. (Does it fit a lot, does it fit comfortably under the seat, etc.)

    As well as suggestions for other bags I should be considering? I'm super open at this point, I just want a bag I'll be able to use for years.
  2. I use the city steamer xxl. Strap is very comfortable, but you could always use a different strap if you wanted to. I like that it has a front compartment. Makes pulling out my iPad/laptop at security very easy. That is the reason why I almost never use my keepall 55. Too much digging around for me for air travel. And I love that you can zip it when you want to, but don't have to. It still looks nice unzipped. An open keepall is not an option. It is a pricey bag though, and if you are worried about wear and tear, then maybe that is a deterrent? I haven't seen anyone use it out there, so it may be appealing as it seems to be a bit more 'exclusive'. Not something that would make me purchase a bag- I loved the functionality and the aesthetic.
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  3. Thanks, this is super useful! What size is your computer? Just wondering if my 15" would fit in there comfortably. It IS a pricey bag but I feel more secure in buying canvas, knowing how durable it is. Did you find you could fit a considerable amount in there? Normally if i'm treating my bag as just my "personal item" (i.e. I also have a carry-on with me), I would be toting my laptop, iPad, earphones, maybe my bag of liquids and cosmetics, and random plugs.
  4. A personal item is a handbag or laptop bag or a small backpack. Some of the items you list are carryon bags, not personal items.
  5. Yeah, on Air Canada/WestJet (my main carriers), their personal item size limits are 16"-17" x 13" x 6", so I'm trying to find a bag that's within those specs and fits under the seat. :smile:
  6. All the items you list, aside from the Speedy 40, exceed the baggage allowance of a personal item on Air Canada. Now, a lot of people still get away with taking extra on board though and some companies are much stricter than others.
  7. ***Oops, duplicate post***
  8. Yeah, the Speedy 40 seems safest in terms of staying below the specs and not annoying my neighbors. :smile: Do you have any other suggestions for bags I should be considering?
  9. Have you looked at the men’s line? Messenger style bags may be an option worth considering. I just don‘t see the three days of clothes, a 15 inch lap top fitting, along with everything else. But I couldn‘t fit all of that into a speedy 40 either. The city Steamer is very soft so it will fit under the seat in front if need be. But if they actually measure, then fabuleaux is right. It does not fit the specs...
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  11. I used to have a Keepall B 45 to use as a personal item (I know, its measurements go above the limits, but I never had a problem with that) and, to be completely honest, I HATED it. It was SO cumbersome for me (I'm very short and somewhat petite, mind you) and got so heavy when full. I hated it so much that I sold it and bought a preloved Speedy B 35 for that. I could have chosen a 40, but then I would only use it for travel, whereas I still use my 35 for everyday life (my usual companion is my Speedy B 30, but I can still get away with a 35 if I need more room).
    So I would definitely recommend the Speedy B 40.
    I wouldn't go for the City Steamer because I'd be SO nervous about damaging the soft leather while using it on the plane, shoving it under the seat etc.
    And I find the All-In very ugly. :P
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  12. Thanks for the tip, I did go through the men's line after your suggestion. I wasn't crazy about the messenger style bags but I did come upon the Cabas Voyage there, which I'm now considering!

    Thanks! I like the layout for the bowling vanity but I think I'd be looking for a wider top opening to fit my laptop in, if that makes any sense!

    That's really good to know re: the Keepall B 45 because I'm also short so I wouldn't want to lug something super bulky and heavy around. Did you use the strap as a shoulder strap or crossbody? I think I'm more sold on the Speedy B 40 or the City Steamer now (the XXL is primarily canvas so I'm not as worried about shoving it under the seat!).

    (((The All-In IS rather ugly! :lol: I held off on buying it when it first came out because my Neverfull was still in good condition, but I was so sold on it being able to fold flat, and the thicker straps and the top zipper!)))
  13. I used the long strap both as a shoulder strap and crossbody (especially when I needed to run through the airport or something), but it was terribly cumbersome either way. I deeply disliked every minute I spent with this bag on my shoulder. :P That's just me, though, most people rave about the Keepall. I'm a Speedy B person through and through.
    And about the All-In, bearing in mind how ugly I think it is, I'd definitely go for a Longchamp Le Pliage! :biggrin:
  14. Do you find your Speedy B sagging when you packed it quite heavily? The biggest pro of a Keepall seems to be that the straps sort of secure the shape and bottom a bit more. But both seem like they’d be a bit bulky. (Not like a NF isn’t bulky in its own way!)
  15. How about On the go GM? I don't have it myself but it's similar to NF Gm size wise. And it's pretty. :smile:
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