RIP Syd Barrett

  1. Those of you on the PF my age (and older) know why he was important... some compared Kurt Cobain to Syd.

    shine on you crazy diamond... hope you have some peace finally.


    In the early days of Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett was the group’s undisputed leader. His psychedelic and often whimsical style of songwriting perfectly encapsulated the heady spirit of the late 1960s and the hippy dream.

    Barrett’s compositional method has been called naïve, but it is perhaps better described as childlike, often effortlessly inhabiting the worlds of dream, mystery and the subconscious.

    He was a wonderfully instinctive guitarist, and his highly original use of slide and echo was able to translate the hypnotic atmosphere that Pink Floyd generated on stage to the albums they created in the studio. These are memorable as few others of their era are.

    But Barrett then fell victim to the darker side of those heady times, as his copious indulgence in hallucinogenic drugs pushed an already fragile psyche over the edge.

    After dominating Pink Floyd’s early material and writing their first two hit singles, by 1968 he found himself forced out of the group on account of his erratic behaviour. Without him, they went on to become one of the biggest-selling acts of the 1970s and 1980s, while his output was restricted to two strange but compelling solo albums, which reflected his precarious mental state and are today regarded as cult classics.

    Syd Barrett, Pink Floyd founder and songwriter, was born on January 6, 1946. He died on July 7, 2006, aged 60.
  2. RIP, Rock Legend.
  3. These guys were waaaaaaaaay ahead of their time. Syd was truly a legend and whether you are a Pink Floyd fan or not you've gotta appreciate that one in a million talent! RIP :sad:
  4. I grew up listening to Pink Floyd...they are awesome! One Christmas my family let me listen to "The Wall" while we decorated the tree!
  5. RIP SYD another great musician is gone :crybaby:,your musical talent will be missed
  6. Shine on, you Crazy Diamond.
  7. RIP a legend
  8. I was quite surprised when I heard over a week ago that he passed away. I honestly thought that he would have, oh, at least five more years left, because (unless my memory fails me), his brother was a doctor who treated him all those years since the early 70's.

    Syd was a talented guitarist/artist.

    Rest in peace Roger Keith "Syd" Barrett.
    Shine on...