Rip off?

  1. For those of you who resell your bags, do you ever feel ripped off? I was just thinking about it. Say you have a $1,000 bag and sell it around a year later for 800. You've lost 200. Now, if you sell more bags that's more money imo lost. Say if you do it for 4 more bags. That's 1,000 gone. :sad: Do you ever feel like you've wasted money or in a way got ripped off? :confused1:
  2. it does suck but its not just bags like a car u buy it and the price goes down every year:sad: but if the bag is just sitting in my room im better off selling it to get something else i want even if i lose money in the end i try to buy more pracital bags that dont go outta style so i dont have to sell my bags
  3. No, because I set the lowest price I am willing to take.
  4. Not quite. It always bugs me when people say that renting an apartment (instead of buying a house) is like throwing money away because you don't own it. It's not - you're paying for a place to live- that's not nothing! So, if you have a bag for a year, paid $1,000 for it and sell it for $800, you've essentially paid $200 for the year to own it. If you figure cost-per-wear, that's not too bad. You wouldn't expect to sell a used car for the price you paid for it new, so why would you think you were getting ripped off by selling a used bag for less than you paid? Unless it's an Hermes or extremely rare, it's just a used handbag.
  5. I think it really depends. If you've used it alot then basically you've gotten the use of the 200 or so that you're selling it less for. It's like depreciation on a car...or so i'd like to think.
  6. Okay but theoretically the 35K I put down on my house has doubled so when I sell that will be 70K in my pocket. So how does that compare to renting? Or purchasing a bag? Just throwing it out there...
  7. I don't feel ripped off in that situation. I can't expect to carry a bag for a year for free! Why should someone pay me retail on a used bag? That's how I look at it, anyway. At least we have an option to get money back on things we're not using, or don't want anymore. Before these forums and Ebay
    (yes, there was a time!:lol:, you were pretty much stuck with what you bought. Resale shops wouldn't give you what you can sell for now. Talk about a ripoff! And I think there are a lot of people who wouldn't be carrying the bags we have if it weren't for the resale options we have now. The majority of my bags now are from resales. So I have way too many bags. :lol:
  8. I guess I mean that when I used to rent, people would tell me I should stop wasting money and buy a house. However, I don't see renting as wasting money, I had a place to live! In the same way, if she buys the bag, uses it for a year and resells for $200 less, she could basically look at it as if she was renting it. She got a year's worth of use out of it, so it's not a waste. Sorry, my rational is a little convoluted, but it made sense in my head!
  9. Two different things.
  10. A lot of good points. :greengrin:
  11. If you feel ripped off selling a used bag for $200 less than what you paid, you shouldn't have bought a $1K bag in the first place. They are for using not reselling.
  12. i don't think so.
    i would say it's am investment you can enjoy. at least you can still sell it with a minimum lost than a dress by chloe or whatever that costs you the same with a bag, but not many people willing to buy them again as second hand with only 200$ difference.
    also just like i'm buying middle brand bags like 5 juicy couture or d&b instead of 1 balenciaga bag. i wouldn't lost as much money by selling back the balenciaga than selling the other 5 bags.

    and i must say, that we're talking about bags or at least something in fashion world. not other things like a house, apartment or car.
    it's a total different priority. :P
  13. Would you buy a used $1000 for full price? I doubt you would even pay 800. Put the shoe on the other foot.
    I am always glad if I can sell a bag I am tired of. I do look at it as I paid to use it for a year or whatever -- and now I can buy a new one I am in love with for not that much more money....
  14. I'd hesitate to sell it, which is why I tend to keep most of my bags but if it's something I'm willing to sell.....I price it at what the market is willing to pay.
  15. No, I don't feel that way. I'm using the bag, which should drive the resale price down. And if I'm not using it, I sell it for a price I can live with or else it stays on the shelf until I give it to someone who will appreciate it. I seldom sell a bag, but as I acquire more (that seems to happen after joining tPF) that might change.