RIP "Daddy"

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  1. I just got the notice, too. I feel like I've lost my best friend all over again. :cry:
  2. Daddy rocked. I didn't know he was 16, but Cesar gave him a wonderful life. Didn't he used to belong to some sports dude? And Cesar kept him most of the time and finally he went to live with Cesar permanently?

    I actually cried. I'm such a baby. But he was an awesome dog.
  3. Oh no! I love watching Cesar's show and Daddy was my favorite!
    Sending good thoughts to the entire Milan family during this difficult time. It should be noted though, that 16 years is a REMARKABLE lifespan for a dog - especially a larger one of Daddy's size.
  4. Took this to get me back in Animalicious. I guess I'd been sort of subconsciously avoiding since Ebbie died last year.

    Yes, remarkable age for a pit. He had a great life. :heart: Daddy :heart:
  5. He belonged to a rapper named "Redman" though I'm totally ignorant of rap, so I have no idea who he is. When Daddy was 4 month old, he officially gave Daddy to the Millan family.


    I know the feeling. I don't come here very often either. :cry:
  6. He was an awesome dog. He lived 16 years and had a good life. R.I.P. Daddy.
  7. 16 years is incredible. R.I.P. Daddy.
  8. Awwwww, so so sad :sad: But, what an incredible life. I remember seeing episodes where Cesar was training Junior to follow Daddy's footsteps and I saw how white Daddy's face was. What a sweet old boy. Rest in peace, Daddy, and say hi to my Boomie for me.
  9. I cannot believe that this made me cry now....i dont often watch the show but when I do Daddy was always a part of it....what a wonderful long life full of love and caring he had....RIP Daddy....may you join all the lost fur babies and watch over them for us....
  10. ^^ rest in peace daddy :heart::heart::heart:
  11. Man, Daddy did a lot of good in this world, for people and dogs.

    A life well-lived, I'd say.
  12. I've always loved the episodes that had Daddy in them...hope he's romping in heaven with all the other fur baby angels....
  13. Oh sad! Daddy was a great dog!
  14. RIP Daddy, you will be missed!
    My thoughts and prayers to the Millan family.