RIP Antigua

  1. As you may have read, my Antigua has a discolouration defect, so I guess that means its going to be sent back to be destroyed! :wtf: So sad.

    Here are some pics of the good times we had together. I'll leave out the pic from the "Wear nothing but your LVs thread"! :p

    Her first day home:

    Showing off her newly stamped luggage tag:

    Modeling with me:

    With the Starbucks Turtle:

    What she held in a day to work:

    Showing off her lining and contents:

    RIP :crybaby:
  2. THanks for te story pictures.. But are you not getting it fixed? Are they destroying it and giving you a refund? what is going on? :shrugs:
  3. oh they took it back? good for you
  4. So what will you be getting now?
  5. That's a shame :sad:

    Can I ask why they need the bag to be destroyed? I've never understood that.
  6. I was just about to ask the same ques!!
  7. You HAVE to keep the luggage tag!!!
  8. I am so sorry for your loss.
  9. I know just how you feel it's so sad
  10. I can somewhat relate to how you feel ... so sorry you had to lose a great bag!
  11. What do you mean by discoloration defect?, did they give you a refund or exchange? Why does it have to be distroyed? questionssssssssssssss lol
  12. I saw your original posting and I'm glad they decided to refund you ( I thought it was clorox or something) I'm sad they destroy these bags. It will nice if they sale them at discount or even let you keep it. After all they sold you a defective bag. :angel:
  13. so sorry this happened!
  14. so sorry for your loss!! hopefully with the store credit they gave you, you can purchase a bag that you like even more, that won't have defects
  15. Aww.. thats so sad. Im glad their giving you a refund though. I love the pictures with the turtle :shame: