RIONI handbags -- any good?

  1. Does anyone own any Rioni bags?

    What do you think of their quality?


  2. same for me , I am looking for people who bought one through the website , is that safe , are they good quality ? thanks
  3. Have a look in the LV subforum - there is a long thread (not very complementary) about Rioni and another about Eiffel (similar to Rioni).
  4. I just bought one.... I think they are fabulously made!!!
  5. They have them on and i saw good reviews on one i looked at. I myself dont have an interst in buying one but i think they are a great option for someone who loves an LV bag but cant or doesnt want to spend the money on it. I would suggest not reading the thread about it in the LV forum... a lot of bag snobbery/ ignorant comments going on.

  6. Agreed! I read a lot of reviews on the quality of the item...

  7. YES, that thread made me really angry, they are good quality bags.
  8. If you want to avoid Rioni bags that look too much like LV bags, check the lineup thoroughly. It's less easy to do now since they made the new (reduced lineup) website, but if you go on Sears and Overstock as well, you should be able to find some bags that are fairly different from the LV bags. The Boston bags are an example - there are so many Boston bags on the market, and these (two sizes) look very different from the Speedy. The Tall Tote Shopper - does that have an equivalent in the LV lineup? And what about the Tulip Tote?
  9. Got my bag this week, love it, quality is amazing for price, sooo many compliments it is really a beautiful bag.
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    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, just because they don't like this brand and they don't like that Rioni copies LV trademark designs- to call them ignorant is just as ignorant.

    Many people like this brand BECAUSE most of the bags are eerily similar to LV, and for someone who treasures their LV, and finds distaste in a brand trying to piggy back off of it does not mean they are ignorant, they are pro-the integrity of the LV brand.

    As such I've had patients who have said the handles of the hand held bags have given them a reaction and they've regretted the purchase. The reaction showed up on the palm of their hand and their forearm.

    Yes a bag is a bag. And if you want to carry this bag, go for it, its your prerogative; but don't classify people as ignorant for their opinion that goes against your opinion.
  11. I'm sure many do. What I like is that I can get similar quality and materials for a better price. I would rather have a Rioni bag that wasn't seemingly identical to an LV bag over one that is. Most of mine are not that similar to LV models, though of course the materials and the quality and the colors make you think of that kind of bag, the solutions (extra pockets, zipper going over the sides, zippered side pockets, extra top flap etc) make them a departure from the LV models (check my album to see).

    While some DO buy a Rioni that looks almost exactly like an LV bag (I'm thinking of one lady who was cut off by LV, lol, and had to look elsewhere the rest of that year!), I'm sure many buy them for the quality. Some don't know much about LV, and others, like me, don't particularly want lookalike designs, I just want something that's up there in terms of quality and I like the colors.

    Interesting. You're talking about LV here, right? I'm sure Rioni could have the same problem. Luckily I have no problems with my Boston bag. These kinds of problems could easily have to do with auto-immunity issues. The ultimate cause is a mix between genetics and environment - lack of nutrients (minerals, vitamins, especially vitamin D) or the wrong kinds of foods (some can't handle pasteurized milk, some GMO, some gluten).
  12. I ordered the *tivoli inspired bag* the other day and it has nothing to do with whether or not I can afford LV. I've owned Chanels, Pradas, LV's, etc and I have learned that I'm no happier carrying a $3,000 bag than I am carrying one that costs me $300.
    I don't understand the reasoning behind some of the comments I've seen that seem to think LV has the market on certain styles. That's like saying no one but Hanes is allowed to manufacture a white t-shirt. Ridiculous.
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  13. I posted this over a YEAR ago. People arent ignorant for what they choose to carry or not. I was saying that some people who have called those who do carry this 100% legit brand of bags names because they look like LV are ignorant. Bags are bags and this brand are not illegal fakes with money going to bad things. Even if they were illegal I wouldnt call anyone a bad person for having one. Again, sorry if my post from a year ago made you so mad but you took it the wrong way.
  14. No I meant the Rioni bags- I've had four patients come in complaining about a skin rash/hives and it ended up being from the bag. What I don't like is that the sales associates that I have interacted with have said as part of their sales ploy, that its a better alternative to LV- that you're getting that type of bag for their price-- I both times I have been in there was told this. I don't think that's right. No one in boutiques would use another brand to sell their item. Only if you say you are comparing a brand to their bag then sure talk about the bag. But don't tell me that I should buy your bags because it looks like the LV ones but for a better price.

    So I'm not saying it was my own personal opinion that I made up based on the fact that I carry LV bags- I said the above statement BECAUSE the store both times I've been in there willingly compared their designs to LV. This is why I say and probably many people say that Rioni copies the LV designs- because thats how it was explained to us when we go to the store. And one of my patients said the same thing happened to her.
    But carry what you like and you all enjoy your night.
  15. Wow, this is interesting because I have extremely sensitive skin. Allergic to glycerin, almost all types of sunscreen, most types of make-up etc. There are approx 3 lotions on the market now that I can use without getting a rash, yet I've never had any kind of irritation or reaction whatsoever from carrying my Rioni.