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  1. I somehow can't get ringtones for my phone anymore using just my cell so now I have to get on the internet.

    Anyone know of any good websites? I want mp3 ringtones and I want to be able to download them song by song, not pay a monthly membership fee.

  2. If you have bluetooth, it's pretty easy to do. If you google, "free ringtones". there are a ton of sights. I have used http://us.mobi.dada.net/index.php before. HTH
  3. If u have the cable for your phone, u can try mytinyphone.com its free...or another way u could do it is downloading it via Wap.
  4. HubbaWubba, the site you recommended requires a subscription and I would prefer to pay ringtone by ringtone KWIM?

    Lostnexposed - I have bluetooth in my cell phone but how do you get it for your computer? I'm a technology ditz.. usually get other people to do it for me LOL.
  5. Its okay..just find the ringtone u want, and there should be a link on the bottom that says "Free Download to your PC"..