Ringo Starr walks off of Regis & Kelly

  1. From CNN:

    Ringo Starr, pictured with Dave Stewart two weeks ago, didn't want to cut "Liverpool 8" below 3:30.

    Starr, who is promoting his new album, "Liverpool 8," planned to perform the title song with fellow rocker Dave Stewart. However, due to miscommunication between his publicist, Elizabeth Freund, and the musical director, Starr didn't realize the performance had to be 2 1/2 minutes or less, Freund told The Associated Press.
    When told Tuesday morning that the performance had to be shortened, Freund said Starr tried to cut about a minute of the song's 4 minute, 15 second length, down to 3 minutes and 30 seconds. However, according to Freund, producer Michael Gellman said it had to be less than 3 minutes.
    "We offered to cut back our chat time and asked them to fade or go to commercial. They were not willing to do that and Ringo was not willing to cut it further, so without a compromise we were not able to stay," Freund said in a statement to The Associated Press. "Ringo left saying, 'God bless and goodbye. We still love Regis.' "
    A spokeswoman for "Regis and Kelly" told the AP the show's producers tried to work with Starr, noting his appearance had been booked since November and the time requirement for the song -- the show's standard -- had been expressed numerous times.
    With Starr absent, fashion designer Michael Kors and the winners of CBS' "The Amazing Race" did extra segments to fill his time.
    Starr, 67, shortened his song for CBS' "Late Show With David Letterman," but it was still over 3 minutes, Freund said.E-mail to a friend[​IMG]
  2. Walking off Regis & Kelly = healthy reaction to an unhealthy situation
  3. is he serious? its a segment on television not a concert. smh
  4. He is an artist and artists can be quirky. He may have believed that cutting the song that far would destroy the message he was trying to get across or would impede the musical coherence. Who knows? It is unfortunate that his people didn't get across to him that the time limit was firm.

    At least he was polite when he left, unlike many celebs who cuss and throw fits when they don't get their way.
  5. I saw him sing the song on Letterman, and 3 minutes was too long...IMO (and my boyfriends), but yes, like HauteMama said, artists are quirky.
  6. He was upset. Just as Paul McCartney was upset when he learned that the song Revolution was going to be in a Nike commercial.

    Artists are very protective of their work.
  7. ITA 1000%...well said!
  8. Oh well, they tried to compromise, but it's not like Ringo needs and coverage from Regis and Kelly- he is well established and in a position to protect the integrity of his work, and he did it with class.
  9. BRAVO.....he did the right thing! REGIS ought to be THRILLED and honored to have ringo on the show and give him as long as he wants....for heavens sake he is a beatle...the show is so boring they are idiots for dumping him instead of dumping two minutes of HOST CHAT instead!
    (i work for several tv shows...it's all nuts):upsidedown:

  10. :woohoo: Bravo! I'm with Ringo on this one.
    You make allowances for someone of his stature. He is not some new kid artist. He is a pioneer of modern rock music. He deserves respect. Producers of different shows never cut off Frank Sinatra or Tony Bennett, etc. You just don't do that. He could have thrown a tantrum, but handled it with class like only Ringo could.:tup:

    also, please understand that cutting a 4.5 minute song down to 2.5 minutes (in half!) is ludicrous. Its like cutting a movie in half. Doesn't make sense.

  11. thats a very good point
  12. Well, Regis is of that generation, remember, who decried the Beatles as heralding the End of Civilization as We Know It because of their hairstyles, and as for the music, well, it was referred to pretty regularly as "racket" by the parents of the Baby Boom.

    So maybe Regis doesn't have the same perception of Ringo's Beatlehood as many younger earth residents, and as Ringo was announced, Kelly is believed to have been overheard hissing "But I don't know who that IS, Regis!" :devil:
  13. thats embarrassing. how can anyone be in entertainment and not know who Ringo is or who the Beatles are? we are truly a "fast food" nation when it comes to any kind of art culture. I wasn't around when Glen Miller or Robert Johnson were alive but I sure as hell knew who they were. I was in entertainment too. Big names are just part of history.
  14. First off, I don't blame Ringo for disagreeing and sticking to his principles. But this was primarily Michael Gelman's (producer) decision, not Regis's. So don't blame the poor "old" guy. Plus it's really standard for this particular show to place a cap on the musical performance time allotment. I watch regularly and I'm pretty sure every musical performance gets cut down.

    Also, this complaint has surfaced before, but Gelman seems stubborn and sticks to his guns. :boxing:
  15. bagsnshoo - You've never seen the SNL skit that Shimma is referring to? Kelly doesn't know any of the older stars Regis always talks about in that sketch. It really is a RIOT!