Ringfinger breakout ouch!

  1. Has anyone become allergic suddenly to a ring they have always worn? My wedding ring finger gets welts after just a few hours. These are Cartier gold rings (yes, real) and a Graff pink diamond band. I have had these for 8 years. No allergic to marriage jokes please, DH is getting insecure:P
  2. Not on my ring finger...but I have a little spot the size of a dime on the inside of my thumb that has been bothering me like crazy...peeling, itchy...UGGHH..so annoying...I went to the Dr. last week and he said it was excema (sp) .....he told me to stop using so many purell hand wipes...lol...I love the damn things...but they are drying my hands out like mad! He gave me some creme and its getting better. How long does it take for your finger to heal after you have ring off??? It hurts deosnt it??!!
  3. Is it a white gold ring? Sometimes if Nickel is the alloy used in white gold it can start to irritate those with a nickel allergy. Especially as the rhodium plating wears away.
  4. if you have a wide rng it could be soap /water getting tapped under it.. I've had that issue before.
  5. ^yes!

    Is it an open underneath ring? Does that meake sense?

    My wedding ring is and I was getting an itchy rash, turns out that the setting was holding a teeny bit of soapy water when I washed. I got it sized up ust a hair and now I'm VERY careful about drying it off completely when washing my hands and it hasn't happened since.

  6. OMG - this just started happening to me last month - I thought I had gone crazy (yes, my ring is real gold too).

    I couldn't wear it for 2 weeks, and now, I have to take it off every night or the next morning I have red welts again.

    What are you going to do???
  7. Mine is an open underneath setting. I was thinking about sizing it up a hair because maybe the summer heat was the culprit. I also thought it could be soap/lotion/something....this is why I am taking it off every night.

    My DH thinks this is a ploy to get a platinum upgrade...:rolleyes:
  8. LOL! We only trade up though, yes!?
  9. Oh yes!!! :biggrin: There is only way to go, up! :amuse:
  10. this used to happen to me ALL THE TIME when i was heavier. it was super red, itched like CRAZY (like scratch til you bleed itch) and peeled like mad! so disgusting. it got to the point that i stopped wearing my wedding band...you can imagine how happy hubby was about that. :smile:

    now that i'm thinner (and my rings fit looser) it hasn't happened once. i would definately reccomend resizing your rings a bit and see if that helps.
  11. my mother is allergic to white gold, she had a gorgeous huge diamond ring and band set in white gold for ther 20 annaversary, turnned out she got itchy rashes from wearign the ring, seh loved it so much she wore it regardless and said by she cleaned it the cleaning agent was resposeable for the rashes, she wore the ring daily and the rashes would come back on and off, she put on weight at one point that the ring wouldnt come off her finger, the rashes were gettign worse and her surrounding fingers started to rash aswell, she refused to have it cut off so she lost weight just for the dam ring!
  12. funny that you mention that-but, recently, I have been ahving the same problem with my wedding band that I have worn for almost 14 years now! I am getting a red, itchy rash there. I am thinking it has to do with the insane amount of times per day I wash my hands and water getting trapped underneath it. Now, I take it off when I dry my hands.
  13. all good tips and advice; since I actually weigh the same as when I got married 3 years ago I know that this is not a weigh issue and this is my third summer wearing the set.

    I think that soap/lotion/water scenarios make the most sense for me; after all, if the ring fits well and material gets trapped underneath then that will irritate the skin - sizing it up just stops the material from getting trapped since it can slide out; it will also cause the ring to spin because it is top heavy.

    hmmm....I am just going to keep taking if off at night and if it persists I will go to the jeweler to seek their opinions.
  14. Sounds like the same prob! I will take it off for days, wear it out to dinner and BAM! back in the morn! I thought about the soap and water thing, tried to avoid keeping water trapped ect. My right hand has a two platinum rings on it, one is a channel band, no problem. Just the wedding finger! Gonna have to go to the Doc's, I have tried the over the counter cream, no joy:hrmm: I got cooties!