ringed mini agenda?

  1. hey all, i've heard people reference the newer vernis agenda as the mini ringed, or something ringed. I thought these were spiral inserted. Do the new ones like the pomme come with small rings?
  2. ^^do you know how many rings?
  3. Hmm, from the looks of it, 2 or 3?
  4. Or not...here's the picture of the inside from the Vuitton site:
  5. ^^yeah that is whats confusing me, its says ringed agenda in the description, but then the picture..
  6. oooh... nice mandarin... don't even go there... Now, i get it too, never seen the mini inserts b4...
  7. Lol I know, Veronika, it's such a pretty color. It'd match my Jasmin. :graucho:
  8. There was a mini Manadarine left in my store. When I finally decided to get it it was gone. I was soooo sad. It was really pretty!
  9. ^^aww i wish it did!